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CNC Wood Machining - Windows

  • Wood windows
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Among the most demanding jobs of an architect or designer are the creative decisions involved in a particular project's windows and doors; for a home, these elements provide both separation and union with the world outside. They must both close out and protect, as well as make possible the entrance of light and a view of the outside world. Aside from the demands associated with the performance of these elements for permeability to air, water tightness and resistance to wind-load, today's builder and home owner are looking for "cutting edge solutions", which are aesthetically and architecturally at a high level, including the capacity for special requests such as arched sliding windows, curves in place, non-square and so forth.




Wood - Windows

CMS' ground breaking work in the re-industrialization of this market is represented in its most recent generation of CNC controlled window and door production systems - the Pro Evolution series, used for the complete machining of each window, or door, component: all edges, according to order, just-in-time, by-the-batch, ready to assemble, with machining for hardware, efficient high capacity production, automatic changing between various tooling families and part thicknesses without setup or downtime, flow though, verification of raw component size prior to production to ensure its correspondence with the requirement, automatic downloading of information for all processes for each component at the point of production, and much, much more.

Yet in addition to its newest technology, Pro Evolution, CMS solutions for window and door manufacturers have been specifically developed over many years and continue to provide a wide range of standard and special CNC machining capabilities for each specific manufacturer's need from traditional CNC machines to highly automated production systems.


ARES - all around CNC machining, including window components

ARES - all around CNC machining, including window components

ARES, CMS' moving bridge class machining center, with its all around CNC machining capabilities and powerful 5-axis working unit, type PX5, when equipped with CMS' pod and rail system, as shown in this photo, carries out production level demands for stile and rail components, as well as doing it with pendular work cycle capability and easy adaptability for special requirements with its extra large 3D work envelop.

gantry CNC's

AVANT Domus model - flexible all around machining for windows

AVANT Domus model - flexible all around machining for windows

AVANT Domus model, CMS' moving gantry class CNC machining center, is perfectly suited for producing a window manufacturer's wide range of components, including special requirements and at a batch demand production level. Avant Domus is equipped with CMS' unique CNC controlled pod and rail system, making it possible for Avant to accept the setup commands necessary to set all its rails, holding pods and reference stops to specific locations, even in a pendular production mode. In addition, Avant's pod and rail system uses CMS' modular pod components, meaning that they're easily changed out with each other and there's a wide variety of types to use depending upon the need, including: vacuum pods of various sizes and shapes, vices, and clamps, all under CNC control. Avant's pendular work capability also makes it possible to machine rail and stile components on one end, as in the photo to the bottom right, while on the other end to machine the assembled frames from already produced components - or to machine more stile and rail parts in a pendular work cycle - as in the photo to the bottom left.

Avant Domus is equipped with 2 independently CNC controlled powerful working units, type TX3, to mask tool changing time, so that one unit can be working while the other is changing out a tool, and which can select from a wide stock of cutting tools including: heavy profile cutters, counter-profile cutters, both left and right handed to eliminate blow-out at the ends of the rail, 4th axis aggregates for sawing and horizontal drilling, and more. Avant's dust collection system combined with its chip and scrap take away belt system at the bottom, means Avant does a heavy work, while keeping the work area clean.

In the bottom right photo, Avant is shown holding a rail for a window frame, with the use of 3 of its CNC controlled clamping devices, and has completed the tenon and mortise machining operations for the ends and one long side, which can now be assembled with other already finished stile and rails parts into a frame ready to be machined on the outside edges. The work for the arch sections is easily carried out in the same manner, and Avant can also be programmed so that multiple parts can be held in its clamps, resulting in groups of parts ready to be assembled, which can be unloaded at the end of each machining cycle.

In the bottom left photo, Avant is shown holding and preparing to machine the now assembled arched window frame. Avant presets under CNC control its reference stops and clamping pods along the reference sides, the operator then lays the frame in place, at which point Avant moves its remaining clamps to the opposite inner sides and clamps the frame securely in place, at which point the machining cycle is ready to begin.

Pro Evolution
in-line CNC's

Pro Evolution - CMS' new technology for just in time, to the order, mass production of window components

Pro Evolution - CMS' new technology for just in time, to the order, mass production of window components

PRO EVOLUTION, CMS' new technology for window and door component manufacturing, bringing about a fundamental re-industrialization for the manufacture of component parts, designed for high level output, to the order, just-in-time production, combined with a compact size, reduced energy consumption, and with the following exclusive assets:

  • fully automated CNC controlled production, with CMS' innovative load/unload systems
  • high level productivity combined with compact size and reduced energy consumption
  • high accuracy and superior machine finishing quality
  • CMS' CNC controlled patented clamping system, making possible the machining of all sides of the component without its removal from, or re-introduction into, Pro Evolution
  • excellent flexibility with the possibility of machining one-off components
  • possibility of using Pro Evolution with an automated table for joinery components
  • CMS' patented systems for the machining of the glazing bead
  • highly effective and efficient dust extraction system
  • full enclosure for operator and work area protection
  • fully automated management of in-feed blank dimensions and all installed tooling
  • interfacing with company's information management systems, automatic program generation, automatic production launching with bar code reader
  • large and extended number of cutting tools, which can be available and used at any time Applications:
  • production of prefinished (completely machined and ready to assemble) components for window and door frames note: in addition, production of window and door frames with opener rebating, or production of arched and special window and door frames may be done on the Pro Evolution Twin Productivity example: Note: productivity refers to a window with dimensions 1,300x1,400 mm – thickness 68 mm with double openers (number 12 parts - air 12), with counter profile and dowels. Number of windows produced in 8 hours (prefinished mode, completely machined and ready to assemble)
  • Pro Evolution 1: 30 complete windows
  • Pro Evolution 2: 60 complete windows
  • Pro Evolution 3: 80 complete windows


Importantly, Pro Evolution's productive capacity is scalable and its configuration is modular, which gives the possibility of increasing its capacity by simply adding new modules, without the need of revising the whole construction design.

Pro Evolution 1 is shown in this photo; while below it is shown 3 graphical renderings of Pro Evolution's other versions, which are Pro Evolution 1, 2 and 3.

Pro Evolution Twin - added flexibility for rebating of assembled windows and doors

Pro Evolution Twin - added flexibility for rebating of assembled windows and doors

Pro Evolution Twin, based on CMS' new technology for window and door component manufacturing, adds the flexibility of a CNC machining center to the typical productivity of the Pro Evolution range, with fully automated, CNC controlled, work table setting.

The Pro Evolution Twin range features two working modes which can be used alternately:

1. ‘line’ mode, for the automated production of pre-finished linear components of window and door frames (parts are ready for assembly when taken from Pro Evolution Twin)

2. ‘machining center’ mode with automatic CNC controlled work table setup, for the production of rebated windows as well as arched or special window and door frames

Furthermore, the incredible flexibility of the Pro Evolution Twin allows it to be used for furniture parts, fittings, staircases, and so forth, as well as all types of joinery parts.


  • production of prefinished (completely machined and ready to assemble) components for window and door frames
  • production of window and door frames with opener rebating
  • production of arched and special window and door frames Productivity example: Note: productivity refers to a window with dimensions 1,300x1,400 mm – thickness 68 mm with double openers (number 12 parts - air 12), with counter profile and dowels. Number of windows produced in 8 hours (prefinished mode, completely machined and ready to assemble) Pro Evolution Twin: 28 complete windows
Pro Evolution - high level automation features

Pro Evolution - high level automation features

Pro Evolution's remarkable productivity and automation exploits CMS' most recent patented concepts in engineering and the power of information technology.

The upper left photo shows CMS' use of barcode scanning to download automatically all the information for a particular part from the customer's information management system. The information contains the relevant characteristics of the part and its dimensions, which are interpreted, the necessary code generated and distributed to the various work areas in Pro Evolution for execution.

The upper right photo shows CMS' patented CNC controlled clamping system for holding and moving each component through the work cycle. The clamping system also securely holds each part until it has been clamped by the next set of clamping devices, meaning each component's accuracy is assured. CMS' patented clamping devices also permit working with short or long parts, or holding 2 parts during the same machining cycle for more productivity, and in addition they're pressure calibrated for various materials to avoid surface marking.

The lower left photo shows CMS' patented glazing bead machining group, which not only mills the bead profile and trims it free from the component as it's being processed, but re-attaches it at the same time during the process, so that it stays with the part, for when its needed later.

The lower right photo shows Pro Evolution using a laser marking device to mark parts that have finished the processing cycle as they leave Pro Evolution, so that they can be identified later as to part number, date of production, time and so forth, as well as placing the mark in an inconspicuous area.

Pro Evolution's unique capabilities push high quality, extremely accurate, order by order production demand components through the manufacturing process and distribute real time information throughout the manufacturing system as needed, including its ability to remotely message its own status to key personnel by email or text message, so that everyone's in the loop and things keep running smoothly.


Curved sliding door window wall

Curved sliding door window wall

Pictured here is a beautiful large sliding door window wall, which when opened provides a spacious entry with style, while the photo the right shows a fixed curved window wall, both of which are easily handled with CMS' special CNC technology for window and door manufacturing.

Window walls - structural and beautiful

Window walls - structural and beautiful

Window walls provide a key structural element for home builders and designers, as well as enhancing not only the beauty they let in, but adding a beautiful simplicity to it as well.

Arched windows

Arched windows

Arched windows provide another design element of unique style and elegance, with softened lines creating a point interest.

Corner window set

Corner window set

The corner window set with functional capability, allowing not only the light, but the fresh outside to enter within.

Designer windows - arched, rounded, custom

Designer windows - arched, rounded, custom

Designer windows add an important touch to personalize and individualize living spaces. CMS CNC window manufacturing technology makes it possible to offer customers their desires and deliver on their expectations, and for the window manufacturer to provide the special as easily as the standard.

Window technology's expanding requirements

Window technology's expanding requirements

Although the engineering of today's window system and its objectives, as well as its required joinery, varies greatly, depending on the customer application and requirement, CMS' CNC technology for window manufacturers brings together the machining processes, cutting tools, and responsiveness to production system demands, along with the resulting high quality production components and CMS welcomes the opportunity to provide solutions for each customer's specific requirement.


Wood Windows: Case History and Technology Overview

Window manufacturer, Albertini, and its broad line of beautiful, functional and personalized window and window wall products is featured in this CMS case history on one of Europe's leading window and sliding door manufacturers. Albertini does it all: curved windows, arched windows, window walls, standard windows, customized and personalized window designs, and this case history includes a quick look at its production floor, as well.

CMS' window technology overview covers its broad line of CNC machining centers specially adapted and directed toward the needs of window manufacturers including a look at: Profiler, CMS' CNC machining center technology for rebating and hardware machining for assembled windows, as well as doors; Pentax with CNC controlled pod and rail system; Avant Domus with CNC controlled pod and rail system, and its capability for machining assembled unique shaped windows as well as making their components; and CMS' newest technology, a fundamental re-industrialization for window component manufacturing, Pro Evolution 1 and 2.

Throughout the review is featured CMS' processing technology capabilities such as: heavy counter-profiling of the stile and rail ends without "blowout" and without the use of "left-handed" versions to avoid "blowout", heavy profiling, drilling and machining for hardware requirements, 4th axis saws, 4th axis gang drilling, automatic machining and re-attaching of the glazing bead, and a good look at Pro Evolution's concurrent processing capabilities and patented CNC controlled clamping devices and how they had off their work to one another, assuring the maximum accuracy, as well as seeing how its all done in the manufacturing of arched components, custom components, as well as prefinished stiles and rails ready for assembly.

Avant Domus - Arched window, machining components and assembled window

CMS' Avant Domus produces all the parts for an arched window, including its stiles, bottom rail, arched top rail and interior rail and finishes with the machining of the assembled arched window. Avant Domus executes its program to automatically setup all of its rail, pod, and reference locations, the operator loads the parts to be machined and Avant carries out the processing operations including the heavy counter profile on the ends, the heavy profile along the side, along with 4th axis saw blade cuts on the ends and horizontal drilling on each of the parts. Following completion of the work on the individual parts, they're assembled and return to Avant for rebating and hardware machining. Avant again executes its setup program for positioning the reference stops along the bottom and side of the part, along with the clamps as well, when the operator places the frame against the stops, he initiates the program continuation and the clamps activate and hold the bottom and side securely and move the other clamps to the opposite end and side, lock in place, and begin the machining cycle for rebating and hardware operations.

Window component machining

One of CMS' CNCs is shown machining the components for a chordal arch window. As with CMS' Avant Domus—and available on other CMS models—it is equipped with CMS' CNC controlled rail and pod system, and uses it in this case, with a "hold and hand off" methodology, so that the machining for the arched top rail can be completed on all sides, using one set of CNC controlled clamps to hand off the part to another, ensuring that the part is always securely held. In the first part of its machining cycle, the system clamps the arched rail from the inside and carries out the end and side machining, following which the hand off takes place, the part is held from the outside, and, in the final part of the cycle, the system completes the machining for the inside of the arched top rail. Finally, the system carries out all the remaining machining processes on a pair of stiles, including the glazing bead.


Wood Windows Sector and Albertini Case Study
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Window and Door Frames - Pro Evolution range
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