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CNC Wood Router Image - CMS North America

Wood Machining & Routing
with CMS’ Innovative CNC Solutions

CMS North America (CMSNA) has developed a range of long-life CNC systems for wood machining. We are proud of our long history in the wood processing market, and are world-renowned for providing 3- and 5-axis CNC wood machining centers that meet the unique needs of our users.

Complete CNC Machining Solutions

CMSNA’s extensive technological and engineering experience enables us to supply machining center solutions for even the most advanced wood machining applications. Our dedicated and highly skilled wood machining experts devote their attention to the needs of the client, and work vigorously to develop solutions that will address those needs with maximum efficiency and accuracy.
Our CNC wood machining centers include numerous features designed to provide high-speed, high-precision production, accompanied by exceptional ease of use. Features include:
5-axis cutting, machining, and milling capabilities
  • High speed work heads for superior power, torque, and responsiveness
  • Single or dual work zones and moveable worktables for nonstop production
  • Complete CNC control software and CAD/CAM software packages specially engineered for total control of all machining operations
  • Rigid construction for improved precision
CMSNA is well known for the success with which we configure our CNC machining centers for milling, routing, contouring, drilling, sanding, and other wood processing operations. We also provide a host of special aggregates and fixture systems for almost every wood processing need. Our CNC systems have been used in thousands of projects for the woodworking industry.


Wood has innumerable applications. There are hundreds of species of trees from which wood can be harvested, and each type of wood provides unique characteristics for hardness, strength, density, color, durability, and other factors. It was one of the first—if not the first—building material used by early humans, and has been a staple of civilization for thousands of years
CMSNA’s machining centers have been used to manufacture wooden components for:
  • Cabinets
  • Musical instruments
  • Windows and doors
  • Automotive steering wheels and shift knobs
  • Chairs and chair parts
  • Gun stocks and pistol grips
  • Tool handles
  • Sporting goods
  • Complete stair systems: handrails, risers, treads, stringers, posts, and balusters
  • Timber frame and timber beam construction
  • Travel trailers, mobile homes, and RVs
  • and much more


Wood FurnitureWood Furniture

Today’s furniture manufacturers must concern themselves as much with innovation as with technological quality. High volume commodity production and high value consumer niches require flexible, powerful, and high capable manufacturing solutions to serve the needs of numerous markets, such as hotels, museums, ships, chain stores, and theaters.

Wood NestingWood Nesting

Panel-based nesting is among the more important and more flexible manufacturing technologies for furniture manufacturers. CMS North America continues to develop new, innovative CNC technology to accommodate “just-in-time” and “made-to-order” strategies… and much more.


Wood Beam & Timber Frame ConstructionWood Beam & Timber Frame Construction

The construction industry is experience remarkable growth in project utilizing heavy beams and wood timber building components. CMS North America is a leading-edge supplier for the high tech CNC equipment used to produce these elements and the software needed for the design and CNC program generation phases.

Wood DoorsWood Doors

Recently, the door manufacturing industry has seen increased demands function, beauty, and style, and the need for versatile, precision manufacturing technology has grown along accordingly. CMS North America’s technology has moved well past simply supplying single parts. Our complete work cell systems are capable of producing every part of a door, one after the other or in batches, and fully ready to assemble. CMSNA also provides technology for door hardware machining.

Wood StairsWood Stairs

Modern home and public building architecture often requires new innovations for staircase production. CMS North America offers comprehensive, groundbreaking solutions for this application, including 5-axis CNC technology, “real world” manufacturing capabilities, high performance cutting tool designs, and more, tied together with complete design and manufacturing software.

Wood Chairs & Curved PlywoodWood Chairs & Curved Plywood

Chair designers and manufacturers are increasingly making use of wide range of innovative and striking production techniques, including 3D formed and curved plywood, solid wood, and more. CMS North America has responded to manufacturers’ needs with specialized, flexible CNC machining centers that provide unique methods for holding, orienting, machining, and sanding that can turn creative fantasy into reality.

Wood WindowsWood Windows

Among the most demanding jobs of an architect are the creative decisions involved in a project’s windows. CMS North America’s innovative work in the reindustrialization of this market is seen in our latest CNC window manufacturing system: the Pro Evolution Series, engineered for the complete machining of each window and window component. CMSNA provides cutting-edge technology for each manufacturer’s unique needs, from our standard CNC systems to highly automated production systems.

Wood carved partsWood Carved Parts

Manufacturers of high quality milled and/or carved solid wood components find today’s market demands greater flexibility, more efficient production, and quicker response time than ever. If parts such as gunstocks, brushes, sporting items, chair legs, and balusters can be produced accurately and effectively with low labor investment, they can be produced anywhere, eliminated offshore competition. CMS North America’s Multilathe, a compact, powerful, and highly efficient combination CNC router and turning lather can do the work of numerous traditional machines at once for high volume, high quality production.

Interior furniture - maraineInterior Furniture - Wood

CMS North America is known for our long history as a leading supplier to the world’s top furniture manufacturers. We provide our know-how and CNC machining solutions for the needs of boat furniture manufacturers and their clients’ requirements for more functionality and usability combined with simple beauty.

Nesting - wood, stringer systemsNesting stringer system - Wood

CMS North America’s nesting technology provides boat builders and manufacturers with powerful CNC machining capabilities. From the production of a beautiful and functional galley to carcass structural members, CMSNA’s CNC solutions ensure that every component fits precisely according to plan.

Gunstock machiningGunstocks

The stock is one of the most important components of a firearm, providing the attachment point for the barrel and firing mechanism, as well as ergonomic support against the shooter’s shoulder. The selection, carving, and finishing of the wood is part of the art of gun making, as well as a contributing factor to accuracy and user comfort. The design and manufacture of modern gunstock benefits from CMS North America’s CNC machining technology, allowing for both rapid production and easy customization of stocks for specialized fit.


At its most basic level, wood machining is a stress-failure process in which force is transferred to the wood by means of a cutting tool. The geometry, configuration, and direction of motion of the cutting tool determine how stress develops and is resisted by the wood; where this “resistance” fails, the wood is cut. Saw blades, drills, lathes, sanders, etc., are all, essentially, cutting tools.
There are three basic methods of mechanically processing wood:
  • Severing: Turning one piece of wood into two or more pieces; for example, sawing a board in half
  • Shaping: Giving a workpiece a specific shape; for example, creating a contoured surface via a lathe
  • Surfacing: Altering the surface to achieve a desired quality; for example, sanding a surface
Machining wood invariably produces sawdust. CMSNA offers CNC machining centers with dust extraction systems to help eliminate particles from the processing environment.


The four main components of wood are water, cellulose (from which paper is made), hemicellulose, and lignin. These last three components form a closely interwoven matrix.
The chemical composition and physical characteristics of wood varies depending on the species of tree it was derived from. In general, wood is composed of approximately 50% carbon, 42% oxygen, 6% hydrogen, and 1% nitrogen, with the remaining 1% made up of a combination various other elements, such as calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, potassium, and sodium.
Wood’s strength is directly linked to its density, with two types designated as “hardwoods” and “softwoods”. Oaks and other broad-leafed trees generally yield hardwoods, while pines and other coniferous trees generally produce softwoods. However, these designations are sometimes misleading— for example, balsa is technically a hardwood, though it is softer than most softwoods.

Our Products

CMSNA engineers and manufactures a full line of 5-axis CNC systems for wood machining, milling, and processing. Custom solutions are also available, built to meet our customers’ unique requirements. Our standard CNC wood machining systems include: