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Waterjet Cutting & Trimming

  • Waterjet Cutting & Trimming - interior and exterior components
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From finely-tuned race cars to fuel-efficient subcompacts, the automotive industry demands high performance in every aspect of the manufacturing process. New application opportunities and production advancements have made the replacement of traditional structural materials with advanced plastics and plastic-composite materials not just possible, but preferable. Weight reduction, increased strength and rigidity, and improved durability give plastics an advantage over metals in many automotive applications.




The application of pure waterjet cutting has proven an invaluable benefit for a wide variety of automotive and transportation applications. Almost all automotive manufacturers and their suppliers have found the application of waterjet to be the ideal technology for their needs when considering its impact on production, safety and working conditions. Waterjet cutting applications encompass such parts as: headliners, the instrument panels, carpeting, insulation, firewalls, foam components, weather-stripping, castings, truck bed liners, sound dampening materials, bumpers, and so forth.

Interior & exterior parts cut by waterjet

What kind of parts are typically cut using waterjet technology?

  • Seals and Gaskets from a wide range of materials
  • Covering pieces such as: spoilers, fenders and bumper panels
  • Parts for mechanism such as: hinges, latches, tabs door brackets
  • Interior and exterior parts
  • Functional components: such as spacers, washers, shims, parts for rotors and wheel assemblies
  • Frame and bracket components
  • Gears, Linkages and bearings for Drive Train, Transmission and Power Train Assemblies
  • Exterior parts such as: trim, side pieces, the Cowl or rocker panels

Waterjet technology is ideal for cutting a wide range of materials which can be applied to automotive needs with low to medium density and low to medium hardness:

  • Rubber and synthetic rubber
  • Gasket materials
  • Insulation materials, foam rubber, sound assorbent materials
  • Textiles, felt, carpet, moquette
  • Leather, natural and synthetic skin
  • Kevlar™, electrical circuit boards
  • Wood
  • Plastic materials
  • ABS, PVC


Aluminum netting

Aluminum netting - net for silencer (for a car or a motorcycle), as well as flexible plastic materials, copper titanium or aluminum.

  • Waterjet makes it possible to achieve a clean cut, one that's easily obtained.
  • Waterjet also makes it possible to create complex designs which incorporate small holes or button holes, etc.
  • Waterjet cutting provides a balanced cost/productivity ratio.
Interior car components cut by waterjet

"Pure water" cutting by waterjet

Interior parts which can be manufactured with the waterjet "pure water" cutting technique for automotive purposes include: headliners, instrument panels, carpeting, insulation, firewalls, foam components, truck bed liners, sound dampening materials, bumpers, and so forth.

Cutting & Finishing Dashboards

Cutting & Finishing Dashboards

Modern automotive dashboards are made with more engineered plastics than ever before, from individual components to complete panels. There are dozens of parts involved, all of which must match exact dimensional specifications to provide proper fit and function. CMSNA's advanced CNC technology provides the multi-axis performance, high speed, accuracy, reliability, and rapid tool changeover automakers need for start-to-finish cutting and machining of dashboards and related components.

Interior car components cut by waterjet

Waterjet Cutting of Vehicle Interiors

Vehicle interior components include arm rests, trunk liners, engine housing parts, door handles, and hundreds of other items. Automobile manufacturers need every part to meet their specific requirements, with the designs of today's vehicles leaving little room for error. CMS North America's waterjet cutting machines provide high speed performance with superior cutting precision, and can eliminate the dust produced in the machining process for cleaner, more efficient production.

Copper - motor flange/stator flange

Copper - motor flange/stator flange


Tecnocut Corporate Overview—

...showing the Waterjet Division's technology, and the range of products possible to be produced using both "pure water", as well as "abrasive" cutting.