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Vertical Machining Centers

  • Vertical Machining Centers
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CMS North America designs, engineers, and manufactures a full line of state-of-the-art vertical machining centers and vertical milling machines. Famous for their quality, flexibility, and performance, our vertical machining centers are used by machine shops, metal fabricators, and other manufacturers for all manner of CNC machining operations.

Watch the video below to see the CMS Poseidon vertical milling machine in action, scroll down for more information, or, contact CMS North America directly for assistance in selecting the right vertical machining center for your application.

Vertical Machining Center Solutions

CMS North America’s vertical milling machines offer an impressive array of features specially engineered for processing wood, glass, stone, and advanced materials. Our lineup of vertical machining centers and vertical milling machines includes:


The CMS Advantage

CMS’ innovative engineering team has evolved traditional machining equipment into a series of advanced vertical machining centers. All our vertical milling machines feature rigid CNC control across three or more axes. Every CMS vertical machining center includes:

  • A 3D work envelope, with sizes ranging from small footprints to truly large expanses measuring 60+ meters (≈200’) on the X axis, 10 meters (≈33’) Y axis, and 4-5 (≈13-16’) meters Z
  • Versatile machining capabilities incorporating the latest in high precision movement systems, such as highly accurate racks and screws
  • Stable and reliable motion control systems mounted on heavy, robust, and thermally-stabilized steel structures, designed and engineered with FEA (finite element analysis)
  • Responsive and powerful servomotors that are tuned for high performance acceleration and deceleration
  • A wide array of state-of-the-art technologies and optional features, including CMS’ own wide range of ATC (automatic tool changing) units and special aggregates that provide superior flexibility and versatility you won’t find in any other vertical milling machine on the market
  • CMS’ world-class engineering and design know-how, backed by and industry-leading service and support


The Industry’s Best Vertical Milling Machines

CMS vertical machining centers offer a wide range of options that make it easy to process glass, wood, stone, or advanced materials in a controlled environment. Designed for world-class performance regardless of the material or machining application, our vertical milling machines deliver accuracy, precision, and repeatability that are second to none.

However, to describe our devices as just machining centers would be disingenuous. Our reputation as a manufacturer of vertical machining centers has given us unique insights into the development of individual and specialized vertical milling machine models for all needs. Systems like our Brembana family of vertical milling machines—VERTEC or PROFILE—uniquely engineered for glass processing – are prime examples of our processing diversity.

A traditional vertical milling machine offers a vertically oriented spindle axis that allows for accurate plunge cuts and drilling within the milled material. Turret mills and bed mills are the most common vertical machining center styles, both commercially and at CMS, while milling hobbyists tend to prefer lighter machines like mill-drills.

Regardless of the industry or application, CMS North America’s vertical machining centers and standalone vertical milling machines provide the performance and versatility you need to meet your specific milling and machining needs.

Contact us today to learn more about our innovative, high performance vertical milling machines and vertical milling centers. We look forward to speaking with you!