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Torque Motor Technology &
CMS’ Torque5 Working Unit

  • Torque Motor Technology & CMS’ Torque5 Working Unit
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Torque drive technology is the application of direct-drive motion to the working unit’s rotary axes, involving the 4th and 5th axis controlled movement of the cutting spindle, i.e. its rotation and inclination. The CMS Torque5 working unit is featured on its Cronus K and Cronus series of CNC machining centers.

Torque motors are permanently excited, synchronous servomotors and can be most easily conceived of as just a rolled up linear motor.


  • Very fast oscillatory movements
  • High Dynamics
  • High rigidity in static position
  • High torque
  • No backlash
  • High positioning precision


Direct drive motors consist of an outer stator with electrical windings which create the magnetic field needed to transmit the required torque to rotate the inner rotor, which has permanent magnetos placed about its circumference.

Additional Technology:

Torque5 working units also include additional technology for:

  • High-stiffness axial radial bearings
  • Rotating absolute encoders
  • Liquid cooling system for the direct drive motors
  • Pneumatic brakes for increased stiffness when the axes are not interpolating

Torque5 head technical features:

B & C Axes
Direct drive  
Continuous S1 torque   480 Nm – liquid cooled (354 ft-lbs)
Maximum torque 1,200 Nm (885 ft-lbs)
Maximum speed  100 rpm, 36,000°/min.
Maximum acceleration  2,500°/sec2
Clamping moment  1,000 Nm (738 ft-lbs)
Bearings axial-radial type with rollers
Tilting stiffness 21.4 KNm /mrad