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CNC Stone Machining - Flat Slab Applications

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More and more natural and man made stones are being used throughout today's modern homes.  Designers and architects recognize the benefits of using stone as a building material.  Initially stone was mainly used for flooring in the form of flooring tiles. But during the last dacade granite and other forms of stone have become increasingly requested and important for consumer applications—with the "kitchen counter top" being probably the most popular use of stone in the home, and in particular those made from the many varied and beautiful types of granite available.




Granite counter tops and more

Granite counter tops and more

Granite counter tops have become very popular and still remain the most widely requested use of granite in the home. Granite counter tops, marble counter tops, Soapstone counter tops—are all very popular and have almost reached “necessary” status for new home construction and remodels.

Slab stone bathroom applications

Slab stone bathroom applications

Moving on to the bathroom, granite and marble vanities are commonplace and both stone tiles and slabs are being used to line shower walls.

Shower Pans are very popular in Europe but are just catching on in the US.  These are usually machined from marble but granite shower pans are also not uncommon. Newer ceramic type materials, like Dekton™, are also being used for both horizontal and vertical surfaces.


Speed MB 3/4 axis CNC machining center

Speed MB 3/4 axis CNC machining center

For basic fabrication needs Speed MB (Monobloc) is CMS/Brembana's workhorse.  A 3 axis Speed MB can meet all the standard fabrication requirements in a typical production facility—milling, drilling, lettering, machining drain boards into a slab, profiling and polishing. All these varied machining operations can be easily handled by a 3 axis SPEED. 

The standard Speed MB can produce kitchen counter tops and vanities—any stone slab component can be produced as long as it is made with a vertical tool.

Speed MB with various aggregates for sawing operations

Speed MB with various aggregates for sawing operations

The addition of a 4th axis CNC controlled device to a Speed MB and a 90º sawing transmission gives Speed MB the ability to do sawing operations in any direction such as would be used to prepare a counter top for a drop in sink or stove.

The addition of a 45º transmission makes it possible to bevel, as well as have miter folding capability, while the addition of a 60º transmission makes it possible for the user to saw circles such as might be requested for a table top.

Maxima MB CNC 5 axis machining center

Maxima MB CNC 5 axis machining center

The MAXIMA MB CNC is the complete machining center.  With 5 interpolating axes, it gives the maximum in CNC machine center flexibility for stone processing operations. 

It can be used to pump out kitchen counter tops, to saw bevels at discrete angles as well as make intricate carvings in most any natural material all in the same day. 

Maxima comes with many available options—including probing devices, many different saw blade sizes, a range of different vacuum connections, all based on the material you need to hold.

VNT (vertical nesting technology) for ultimate flexibility

VNT (vertical nesting technology) for ultimate flexibility

For the ultimate flexibility added to a CNC machining center choose the VNT option which allows you to work in the most efficient manner.

VNT makes it possible for users to:

  • load a full slab onto the machine,
  • carry out all required processing operations to the slabs, then
  • remove finished pieces from the machine—all without any operator intervention.

VNT stands for Vertical Nesting Technology. The Maxima VNT makes it possible to carry out processing operations for sawing, milling, drilling, profiling and polishing on full slabs and avoids overcutting into an adjacent part by raising and lowering the pieces throughout the work cycle as required. That's the ultimate in flexibility!


G-Rex 5 axis very large work envelope

G-Rex 5 axis very large work envelope


G-Rex is a larger-sized machining center capable of working (ultra-thick) slabs, paving units and blocks of natural and compound stone. G-Rex's configuration can be customized according to the customer's various needs. 

G-Rex is especially designed for marble workshops involved in architectural projects and in the building sector in general.

G-Rex large format machine for large work pieces

G-Rex large format machine for large work pieces

The G-Rex is CMS/Brembana's large format machine. G-Rex can swing up to a 42” diameter blade that is tool changeable. G-Rex comes with a high end HP spindle which provides the extreme torque needed for heavy duty work when required.

G-Rex working parts weighing tons in its heavy duty CNC lathe

G-Rex working parts weighing tons in its heavy duty CNC lathe

The G-Rex machine is also used for large pieces requiring CNC controlled rotation.  G-Rex's open design makes it possible for the customer to decide how the machine is laid out.

The G-Rex machine is only available in open frame construction and is completely configurable. G-Rex comes in versions with a single table, double table, or no table (for working with blocks).

CNC Bridge

Impact - 5 axis CNC saw with tilting table

Impact - 5 axis CNC saw with tilting table

Impact is CMS/Brembana's latest offering in its saw line—a full 5 axis CNC Saw with a standard tilting table.  Impact is a monobloc CNC bridge saw, designed for customers with limited space and financial resources.

Though Impact was conceived as an entry level CNC saw, it yet fits the requirement for any kind of flat slab fabrication including kitchen tops, vanities, stair treads and windowsills.

Formax - Intermediate CNC sawing system

Formax - Intermediate 5 axis CNC sawing system

The Formax is CMS/Brembana's intermediate CNC sawing system. Formax is an open frame machine, and can be installed on poured concrete walls, but is usually delivered with CMS/Brembana's fabricated steel shoulders.

Formax can be used as a standalone CNC saw or integrated as a part of a flow through sawing line. Formax also has options such as—line vacuum manipulator, saw jet, camera system, corner blade, slab thickness probe and blade diameter detection. Formax is offered in many different sizes and configurations to meet specific customer need.

Sprint - top of the line countertop production

Sprint - 5 axis top of the line countertop production

Sprint is CMS/Brembana's top of the line CNC saw for countertop production. Sprint has the same characteristics as Formax, but has an even bigger working envelope.

As would be expected, Sprint also has an even wider array of options available such as—under blade system, a larger vacuum manipulator lifting capacity to highlight just some of those available.


Sprint - CNC 5 axis saw with waterjet (saw-jet)

Sprint - CNC 5 axis saw with waterjet (saw jet)

Waterjet machines are useful beyond measure both in combination with a saw or as a standalone machine.  

As a Saw Jet, the waterjet side allows tight nesting and notching along with improved yield. 

Saw jet CNC's can be 3 or 5 axis models, as required, and can cut nearly any material.  

​Waterjets are especially good at intricate work such as inlays, medallions, and lettering.

Idroline S - CMS/Tecnocut waterjet systems for stone

Idroline S - CMS/Tecnocut's abrasive waterjet systems for cutting stone slabs

Idroline S is just one of the family of CMS/Tecnocut's hydro-abrasive waterjet cutting systems.

Idroline S is a targeted cutting robot, designed with specific structural solutions for water-jet cutting technology, so as to ensure superior technological and production performance. Idroline has a heavy rigid fixed column gantry structure, which is designed to ensure long term maximum accuracy in production work.
  • Higher efficiency: highly intuitive man/machine interface and new workpiece clamping system
  • Higher versatility: new machine sizes and wide range of supply accessories
  • Higher reliability: NC and digital drives for the total control of cutting parameters


Stone - flat slab stair treads

Stone - flat slab stair treads machined on a Sprint

A beautiful application of flat slab stone is that of stair treads and risers. Stone stair treads are appreciated as a design element in modern homes for their hardness, durability and performance characteristics along with their natural beauty.

The treads shown in this picture are being cut on a Sprint CNC bridge saw. The cycle for processing these is as follows:

  • The entire slab is moved to the machine table, which is in a vertical position, and is brought to rest on the side references and front end stop. The table is then tilted back to a horizontal position for work to begin.
  • Sprint, supplied with an optional "manipulator" for moving the sheet and parts cut from it, by use of the manipulator moves the slab into the cutting position indicated by the CNC program.
  • The holes are cut into the treads at the required locations by use of an "optional" drill mounted in the motor arbor which is rotated under 5 axis control to be in the proper position to drill all the required holes in each piece.
  • Following this the motor is rotated under 5 axis control to its normal position for sawing work to take place for each tread. Each tread is then cut from the main slab and moved to a location where it will be out of the way for the remaining machining operations.

The picture shows how the manipulator has arranged all the tread parts taken from the full slab by the end of the cycle, where they are ready to be unloaded by the operator before the next cycle begins.

Following this "cut-to-size" operation the treads will be shaped in a final processing operation on one of CMS/Brembana's CNC machining centers for the edge work.

Stone flab slab - drain boards

Stone flab slab - drain boards

Flat stone slab countertops are among the most popular uses of stone in modern homes today.

This picture shows a double under sink mount with an integrated drainboard machined into its surface.

This wider surface allows several people to work at the sink at the same time without getting into each others way, the drainboard also makes the work of draining and drying dishes less of a wet mess, for some eliminating the need of a dish rack. For those cleaning fruit and vegetables it provides a convenient drying area.

The drain board grooves shown in this picture are made possible on one of CMS/Brembana's 3 axis CNC machining centers for stone by the addition of it 3º drain board option. In this case flat bottom grooves are being made and the drainboard option makes it possible to machine normal with the 3º declining drainboard surface, providing a perfectly polished groove when all done.

Flat Slab Stone - "drop edge" using miter cuts

Flat Slab Stone - "drop edge" countertops using miter cuts

Kitchen countertops with a "drop edge" design—using either 2 cm or 3 cm thick stone slab material—are gaining in interest. The "drop edge" design is produced by using the CNC saw's ability to tilt its saw blade at a 45º angle and machine a mitered edge along the the countertop as well as the "drop edge".

The picture shows a Sprint RS (Roller System) machine which has produced a "drop edge" on a countertop. The Sprint RS is a perfect application for flow through production of kitchen countertops, since its the saw table has "drop-out-of-the-way" rollers in its machine bed, which at the end of the machining cycle raise and "roll" the slab parts out of the machine and then lower back out of the way when not needed.

The material is worked from a full sheet as described for stair treads: a manipulator separates the parts from each other at the end of each parts machining process. The "drop edge" part may have its miter applied first and then a vertical saw cut to remove it from the slab, following which the other miter cut may be made in the countertop for the "drop edge" matching surface.

Stone flat slab - shower pans

Stone flat slab - shower pans

The stone slab shower pan, also known as a shower base, is part of the flat slab stone work sector that has had a growing interest in the market of recent time. When combined with a flat glass surround application its beauty and simple design fit a wide range of home owner preferences.

Some of the reasons for this interest are of a practical nature: with less leisure time a shower is preferred over a bath, when remolding, an elegant looking stone shower base is a very easy concept to grasp and implement.
The picture shows a shower pan which has been machined on a Speed CNC machining center.


Maxima OF with VNT Technology

The Maxima OF with VNT video highlights CMS/Brembana's patented VNT technology for processing stone slabs into finished parts, all without manual intervention by the operator, movement of parts within the machine cycle or removal of the offal that would otherwise interrupt the cycle.

VNT (Vertical Nesting Technology) makes it possible to provide the ultimate flexibility and common sense technology, as well as efficiency, to CMS/Brembana's line of CNC machining centers—and when its added to Maxima the outcome is the best possible combination of its technology for Stone processing work available.

VNT makes it possible for the user to load a full slab onto the machine, process the slab, then remove the finished pieces from off the machine—all with no operator intervention during its cycle.

Maxima VNT can carry out a complete range of processing operations such as sawing, milling, drilling, profiling and polishing on a stone slab, and yet avoid the obvious concerns of overcutting on adjacent parts simply by raising and lowering the pieces out of each others way.

The video also shows an illustration of the included automatic pod placement system provided with the machine, which makes possible the proper placement of each vacuum pod, including the rectangular ones, as well as part references.


Stone Technology Profile
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MAXIMA / G-REX - 5 axes CNC working centers
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IMPACT - 5-axis CNC monolithic bridge saw
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FORMAX / SPRINT / GIXA - CNC 5-axis bridge saws
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STONE TECHNOLOGY - Waterjet cutting system
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