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Plastic Machining Product Photo - CMS North AmericaPlastic Machining with CMS' Innovative CNC Solutions

CMS North America (CMSNA) manufactures a full line of CNC plastic machining centers engineered to deliver the fastest, most efficient, and most versatile performance possible. Our advanced CNC systems provide a broad range of machining capabilities alongside high speed processing and numerous automated functions.

High Performance CNC Machining

CMSNA has decades of experience in our industry. We put that experience to work in creating the best CNC machining centers on the market. Extensive research and development goes into every system and every model, and our highly skilled engineers constantly strive to deliver the most innovative, cutting edge capabilities for machining plastic or any other material.

Our plastic machining centers include an array of features designed to improve the quality and quantity of production while providing exceptional ease of use and keeping operators safe. Features include:

  • 5-axis plastic cutting capabilities
  • High speed work heads for high power, torque, and response
  • Available dual work zones for non-stop pendulous work cycles
  • Automated material feeds
  • Rigid construction

ATHENA—CMS' high speed 5-AXIS CNC machining center for the thermoforming and plastics machining industries. Athena is the result and synthesis of the experience acquired by CMS in the industrial sectors of thermoforming, composites materials and prototyping. Athena CNC machining center is the answer to a wide range of application demands for the automotive, aerospace and marine industries and specifically oriented toward design prototypes, patterns, molds, plugs and part machining.

ANTARES—CMS developed Antares, a moving bridge solution spanning its side support shoulders, for manufacturers with limited floor space and working with advanced materials including plastic. Antares' moving bridge is a robust, rigid, 5 axis CNC milling and machining center capable of completing serious work in a compact work envelop. Antares' unique frame is ideal for small facilities since in can be quickly and easily installed. Antares requires no special footings or foundations, just a minimum 4" thick level concrete floor to set on, providing excellent stability and accuracy with its monobloc frame design.

ARES—a wide range of Monobloc Structural Frames, Moving Bridge, 5-axis, High Speed Machining Centers. The Monobloc Structure provides incredible rigidity resulting in high accuracy values, quick and easy installation and plant layout resets. It has a broad range of work envelope sizes, wide variety of work table designs, powerful 5 axis working unit, and the ability to work in either a single zone or dual work zone manner for pendular work cycles. The enclosed design also provides excellent dust / chip control, reduced noise, and increased operator safety.

POSEIDON K—CMS' monobloc, precision, moving bridge class CNC machining center—a part of the Poseidon family of CNC's—designed for high speed machining of structural aluminum components, as well as all the material types within the range known as advanced materials. Poseidon K is meant to deliver high precision, high accuracy, and heavy duty cutting power in a monobloc version of well known large format 5 axis machining centers.

MX5—CMS' entry point into 5 axis machining with a large volumetric work envelope. MX5 has a wide range of stroke sizes and versions making it possible to find the right combination of factors covering a broad range of needs. MX5 is specifically designed for high speed machining of large aluminium and light alloy pieces, composite materials, impregnated fibers, sand-based, and wood-based materials. MX5 is also available in 3 versions—MB (monobloc), OF (open frame), GG (guides on ground).

POSEIDON—CMS' vertical machining center for durability, reliability and precision machining of advanced materials such as—large sized aluminium and light alloy pieces, composite materials, impregnated fibres, sand-based, and wood-based materials. Poseidon is a moving bridge 5 axis CNC machine with an impressive array of optional work envelop sizes, working units, worktables, custom fixtures, tool storage, and accessories to choose from. The Poseidon moving bridge can be supplied in either a single work zone or optional dual work zone to allow for pendular work cycles.

EASYLINE—The CMS Tecnocut Easyline Series provides customers an accurate and cost-effective entry-level waterjet cutting system. CMS Tecnocut's waterjet manufacturing technology, achieved through twenty years of experience, combined with the buying power of CMS Industries, results in a best value and top performance. The Easyline is a three-axis abrasive waterjet cutting robot that offers a cutting envelope up to 2 m (78") x 6 m (236"). It can easily cut aluminum, steel, titanium, and other metals, as well as stone, plastic, glass, and other materials.

MILESTONE S—waterjet cutting system was born from the meeting between CMS/Tecnocut's high technological experience and the needs of our customers. It has been studied for easy and performance oriented processing, it provides, due to its focus on the basic essentials, a configuration designed for high productivity, and at the same time one that pays great attention towards a safe working environment. Milestone S is particularly well suited for machining processes in the stone industry.

IDROLINE S—cutting performance, productivity demands, and environmental considerations have been combined in a technologically superior system named "Idroline S". The Idroline Series has raised the bar for waterjet cutting systems, making it unique in the market. It's thefirst waterjet system with an active method for controlling the speed and kerf of the jet; the first with a5 axis cutting head with continuous height following, and the first production waterjet system to provide an isolated cutting environment, providing for maximum operator safety and noise reduction. Idroline is able to perform the most demanding jobs, meeting the expectations of those requiring maximum performance from their cutting system.

IDEA—cutting performance, productivity demands, and capacity have been combined in a technologically superior system named "Idea". The Idea Series has raised the bar for large waterjet cutting systems, making it unique in the market. It is the first large waterjet system with an active method for controlling the speed and kerf of the jet; the first with a 5 axis cutting head with continuous height following. CMS/Tecnocut's Idea system is able to perform the most demanding jobs for large capacity cutting, meeting the expectations of those requiring maximum performance from a large format waterjet cutting system.

WATERSPEEDY—CMS/Tecnocut's quick and versatile waterjet cutting system, specifically designed for all flexible materials, such as plastics, rubbers, foams,composites, layered materials, industrial gaskets and technical materials. Its speed, the ability to use multiple cutting heads, and its automatic pallet change system offer high levels of productivity at very competitive costs compared to conventional systems.

TMAXI—CMS' horizontal band saw is ideal to separate thermoformed pieces from the main slab in which they were formed, in total safety for the operator. Simple and solid, TMAXI is an indispensable piece of equipment downstream of the thermoforming process.