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March 2014


March 2014


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Introducing CMS Tecnocut Waterjet Cutting Solutions

CMS North America offers state-of-the-art CNC waterjet cutting systems through our Tecnocut division. Our waterjet machines incorporate high precision CNC technology with high performance pump systems for unrivaled accuracy and repeatability.


CMS Tecnocut waterjet cutting systems can machine hard materials, like stone and metal, as well as softer materials, such as rubber and vinyl, with equal precision. We design and engineer our waterjet systems from the ground up to ensure superior performance and reliability. With 5-axis machining heads and CNC technology, our Tecnocut systems are complete solutions for any waterjet cutting application.

CMS Tecnocut
Milestone Waterjet Systems

CMS North America's Milestone waterjet cutting systems are designed for high productivity and superior part quality. Easy-to-use control interfaces provide efficient management of all functions, while advanced CNC technology and CAD compatibility deliver remarkable precision. The Milestone series’ innovative IKC (Intelligent Kerf Control) utilizes true dynamic control of cutting heads to eliminate tapered edge issues and provide dimensionally perfect parts.

Waterjet Pump Technology

All waterjet cutting systems use extremely-high pressure water to cut their workpieces, but this pressure can be generated by any of a number of different pump technologies. In this month’s CMS North America blog, we look at three common pump styles and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each.

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Steve Hillis, CEO
CMS North America

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