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June 2011


Welcome to CMS North America's June newsletter. We're happy to share the latest news and updates from our company with you. This month, we're focusing on the three different divisions of CMSNA's outstanding technical support system.

Technical Department

Top Performance Program

Our Top Performance Program is designed to ensure that your CMS machines are always performing at their optimum levels. The Top Performance Program includes preventive maintenance checks to stop problems with your CNC machinery before they start. It also includes calibration services to guarantee supreme precision in your CNC operations. And, the Top Performance training program will help your team keep up with and learn the ins and outs of CNC machine operation. Click here for a copy of CMSNA's Top Performance Program.

24/7 Technical Support

Every CMS Top Performance Program includes CMSNA's around the clock technical phone support plan, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, throughout the year. You can also sign up for just 24/7 support at any time by calling CMSNA. The cost is $300.00 per year per company, regardless of the number of machines you have. None-the-less, if you're a registered CMS owner, there is no cost for technical phone support during our regular business hours.


CMS North America's machinery is built to last. We understand that CNC machining centers represent a major investment, so we engineer all of our equipment to the highest standards of quality for many years of reliable operation. However, it may become necessary to update the controls of your machinery to include new interfaces and programming systems. In this regard, CMSNA offers our retrofitting service to add new controls to older machines. Retrofitting your CNC machinery with updated control systems will improve their performance and extend their working life. Click here for a copy of CMSNA's Retrofitting Program with pictures, benefits and prices.

Parts Department

If your CNC equipment ever needs new parts for replacements or repairs, CMSNA's parts department is here to help. Our customers can call us at 800-CALL-CMS, or order parts online any time. Our parts department will get you the right part, right away, to get your system up and running as quickly as possible.





Spindle Repair Department

Spindles are some of the most specialized and most important components of any CNC machine. CMS North America has devoted an entire division to the repair and replacement of damaged spindles. We can repair both aggregates and drill groups as well, to help your equipment function at full capacity again. Our spindle repair department's specialized knowledge of CNC equipment and components ensures that your repairs are completed quickly and effectively. Click here for a copy of CMSNA's Spindle Repair Options and a look into the department.

CMS North America offers a number of special technical support programs, and discounts may be available for your technical support and equipment repair needs. If you have any comments, questions, or concerns, or if you'd like additional information about CMS North America or any of our CNC machining centers and equipment, please don't hesitate to contact us through our website, or by phone at 800-CALL-CMS (225-5267).

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, or if you would like further information about CMS North America or any of our CNC machining centers and equipment, feel free to contact us via our website or by phone at 800-225-5267.


Steve Hillis
CMS North America