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CNC Machining Motor Caravans

  • Motor Caravans
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Motorhomes, travel trailers, caravans, bus conversions, truck campers, campervans, along with many other names are all part of today's popular recreational vehicle culture, also known just as RVing. RV's cover a range of needs from those who just want to get away for leisure time, such as vacation or camping, to those who live in them. But in general, those who want to RV are looking to travel and camp, for which reason RV's are generally manufactured with a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and living room. And Americans seem to like their RV's bigger than most other places in the world.




Motor Caravans

Motor Caravan - CMS flowthrough CNC machining technology

CMS' Avant CNC machining center technology provides complete control for motorhome, travel trailer or caravan manufacturing, either in-line or as a cell, for the basic structural components such as sides, floors and roofs. Avant's large machining area makes it possible to carry out the machining processes for a range of composite sandwich panels sizes up to 8,000 x 2,650 mm (315" x 104.33"). Avant can be easily integrated into a production line due to its moving bridge structure and motorized roller group working plane, providing a flow through line methodology. Panel structures are held for machining by vacuum with manual displacement of the vacuum cups, which are moveable and mounted on rails, each with independent CNC controlled vertical movement, both of which mean manufacturing flexibility for every shape. Avant also includes the automatic cleaning of the vacuum pods at the end of each cycle, CNC controlled part referencing, integrated conveyor for waste removal, and is complete with a full machine enclosure.

gantry CNC's

Avant - advanced CNC solutions for RV & motorhome manufacturers

Avant - advanced CNC solutions for RV & motorhome manufacturers

AVANT, CMS' moving gantry class CNC machining center, is a flexible, compact format for machining the long, even wide, composite structural panels used in motorhome, camper, travel trailer and RV manufacturing. Avant's moving bridge structure is perfect for flow-through, in line and cell production applications, which also means it has a very compact foot print on the factory floor. Large panels flow through, are aligned, held by easily and manually placed vacuum pods, selected and raised under CNC control, the required precision machining executed and carried out, and at cycle's end exist the machining center, and flow on to the next stage of production.

Avant's CNC controlled pod and rail table handles panel sizes up to 8,000 x 2,650 mm (315" x 104.33").

Avant is available with CMS' powerful working units:

  • ATC (Automatic Tool Changing), 3 axis
  • Revolver, 8 independent spindle positions, type R8, 3 axis 5-axis tool changing unit, PX5

Avant is also equipped with a waste conveyor belt below the work plane, dust hood for the working unit, and safety structure around the bridge designed to permit scrap generated during machining to be conveyed onto the waste conveyor.

Flow through

Avant - flow through production for motorhome structural panels

Avant - flow through production for motorhome structural panels

Avant is shown with a camper structural side panel at its outfeed end, complete with routing for required exterior shape, openings for windows and door, and needed holes for assembly. From its powered roller group Avant has conveyed the finished panel to a static holding conveyor for inspection, from which the panel is unloaded to a holding rack, which will ultimately be moved to the camper assembly line.

Avant - powered rollers, pods, CAM software for machining and pod displacement

Avant - powered rollers, pods, CAM software for machining and pod displacement

Avant is shown with it's powered roller group, used for conveying the structural sides, roofs and floor panels for motorhomes, travel trailers and caravans through their machining processes. The powered roller group conveys each panel into the machining center, where it is aligned from the side and front. The specific cup positions and locations are easily and manually located, and their raising and lower controlled by the CNC program. Avant is also supplied with CMS' special CAM software which provides information, not only for the required machining processes, but also for the interactive vacuum cup displacement and selection. The photo show a composite side panel with its frame core over which the internal and external surfaces are attached.


Travel trailers

Small travel trailers

Small sized travel trailers, or caravans, are hitched up and towed behind a vehicle, providing the enjoyment of getting away and a place to sleep, avoiding the cost and need of choosing a motel. Some caravans and travel trailers are also designed with expandability and pop-up provisions.

CMS' CNC machining center technology provides manufacturers the same range of flexibility and freedom in their designs and production, as well.



The mini motorhome, with its prominent cab-over look, puts the fun in RVing, and its desirability has brought about its continuing design evolution. The mini motor home is built on a commercial cut-away van chassis, and available in a number of lengths. Like a full sized motorhome, these days, it now comes with slide-out rooms, lots of living space, extra sleeping room, and even doubles as a tow vehicle for boats, snowmobiles, ATV's, and canoes.

As seen in the photo, CMS' CNC machining center technology for motorhomes, travel trailers and caravans, not only provides complete machining capabilities for their structural components, but for the taste, finish and beauty on their interior, with solutions for cabinetry, furniture and amenities.

Classic travel trailer

Classic travel trailer

The classic travel trailer is the best known of all RVing options and, depending upon its size, can be towed by a number of vehicles. The classic travel trailer has a range of features, sizes, options, and prices, almost as long as the list of those who purchase them. Travel trailers can now be purchased with garages, bay windows, roof top patios, hideaway beds, expanding sides, fire places... having the conveniences of home for sleeping, showering, dining, cooking, entertainment... plus the freedom to leave it whenever and wherever needed, by detaching it from the tow vehicle.

As seen in this photo, CMS' advanced CNC machining center solutions provide a similar range of almost endless options for addressing the exterior, and interior, design requirements for today's RV manufacturers.


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CNC Solutions for caravans
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