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Machining by Material

  • Machining by Material
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Machining is the process by which raw—or semi-processed material—of various sorts is cut and worked until it arrives to a desired final size and shape, sometimes known as a "substractive process" in distinction to those which are "additive". Control of these processes is key to success in manufacturing operations. CMS has been a major player from the early days in the application of CNC controls to a vast range of "machining" processes across the principal materials for the basic manufacturing industries of—wood, stone, glass, composites and advanced materials, plastics and light metals.

Since 1969 CMS Industries has provided high performance CNC machining centers for thousands of the world's most prominent industrial manufacturers, providing machining centers for such small items as plastic eyeframes or solid wood components for chairs or frames—to the exterior launch body tubes of spacecraft now servicing the International Space Station, or supporting the aircraft structures of today's commercial fleets.

Examine the breadth of CMS technology through the various basic materials disciplines in this "Machining by Material" section...