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Industry Solutions - Prototypes, Models, and Molds

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The field dedicated to studying, creating and providing most of the 3-dimensional products we need and use today comprises a long list of highly skilled craftsman, technicians and engineers, know as: model makers, mold makers, and toolmakers; who provide everything from industrial models, plugs, molds, dies, prototypes, scale models, to mock-ups, using materials such as aluminum, light alloys, foams, EPS, epoxy phenol and polyurethane (PU) resins, solid wood, plywood, foundry sand, and so forth, employing two fundamental process approaches to their work, either the subtractive process, in which material is removed until the desired surface or shape is obtained, or additive, in which material is added until the desired surface or shape is obtained, or a combination of both methods, as in the new low cost technology utilizing an EPS substrate, which is machined to a rough approximation of the final surface and then covered with an epoxy paste, which after curing is machined to the final required surface.

Industry Overview—Prototype Models & Molds

Model makers, mold makers and pattern makers are highly skilled individuals in the use of a wide variety of machines, but today they increasingly rely on advanced CNC milling and machining center capabilities, supported by new powerful CAD CAM software for code creation.

That being said, pattern and model making has arrived in the last decade at a new level of industrial importance and with this market change, these last few years have shown a considerable increase in CMS' installed base in the model/pattern sector. A series of factors has contributed to this success: the technical characteristics of CMS' CNC milling and machining centers combined with a generous work envelop, in which significant absolute precision values can be obtained; CMS' know-how in processing a wide range of diverse material types, such as aluminum, light alloys, ureol, epoxy paste and/or polyurethane, EPS, foundry sand, wood, and so forth, which also results in a better utilization of its CNC machines; and the development of specific customer options, fixtures and accessories along with customer support for improved use of process software. All of which results in a more competitive, performance oriented, advanced technology for CMS' customers.

​Models & Molds in Aluminum or Non-Ferrous Materials

Models & Molds in Aluminum or Non-Ferrous Materials


Aluminum molds had, in the past, been considered "soft tooling", but research... demonstrated... the value of aluminum molds for high volume production... With such benefits, the demand for CNC technology has dramatically increased for high speed aluminum machining capabilities combined with accuracy and quality. CMS is a leader in this specialized sector with its comprehensive high performance machining solutions...

Prototypes, Models & Molds in advanced materials

Prototypes, Models & Molds in advanced materials

The work of a prototype or model maker is that of producing an exacting a wide variety of materials... and processing methods, ranging from a simple subtractive machining process... in tooling board, to a combination subtractive and additive process, with EPS foam substrate and curable paste. CMS' know-how and proven experience bring together the range of technologies needed for this diverse work in its series of CNC milling and machining centers: large volume machining envelops... high feed speeds, high speed acc/dec characteristics, precision 5-axis processes, CMS' unique extraction capabilities and dust containment solutions, and CMS' technology for CNC controlled paste application...

Large Dimension Models

Large Dimension Models

Very large scale models and molds have given impetus to the development of CNC machining centers of a truly large scale, as represented by the need for: full sized boats, yachts, windmill blades, nacelles, spinners, full sized vehicle bodies, and so forth. The CMS CNC families covering these needs are POSEIDON, POSEIDON MAXI and CRONUS... providing full 5 axis machining centers with envelops reaching up to 60+ meters (200'+) in length, 10 meters (~33') in width and 5+ meters (~16.5') in height, including consideration for vertical height encumbrances with CMS' special telescopic Z axis... available with linear scale technology for high precision... and other important considerations such as: adaptive control of processing speeds, 5 axis dust collection, closed circuit video camera, automatic re-qualification of the 5-axis working head and cutting tools, automatic surface surveying and probing...