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Industry Solutions

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CMS has carried forward its work for almost 50 years now—a work which has brought it to the forefront of modern manufacturing technological disciplines and indeed to become a world-leader in the application of advanced engineering and design technologies for CNC solutions throughout a vast range of manufacturing industries and their required manufacturing technologies.

You'll find among the following sections of CMS' Industry Solutions an overview, technical discussion, machine basics, images, videos and downloadable files along with explanations of its advanced CNC machining solutions which it provides these industries, as well as many of the specialized subset disciplines which are a part of these industries.


Aerospace ComponentsAerospace

CMS' advanced technological capabilities have positioned it as one of the world's premier suppliers of CNC milling and machining centers to the aerospace industry: having supplied a long list of its well know companies with basic milling and machining centers for advanced materials and composite applications, as well as having supplied it unique solutions for high speed machining of heavy structural aluminum components

Composite componentsAutomotive

The automotive industry’s demand for high performance, whether in high performance racing cars, or major application opportunities and advancements in replacing traditional structural materials with today’s new advanced composite materials, is benefiting from CMS’ high performance automotive solutions.

ArchitecturalArchitectural Stone

Architectural components from façades to recreations of classic stone capitals and columns no longer need be reserved to the labors of stone masons and craftsmen, such works of art, or functionality, can be brought to BREMBANA's broad line of 3-5 axis CNC machining centers—which can even be equipped with massive lathe attachments for machining and carving pillars that may weigh tons, but can be processed with amazing ease.


CMS is recognized as a supplier of unique and compelling CNC solutions for the Building industry. Regardless of its sector or niche CMS has been providing the most advanced, flexible, and innovative solutions oriented toward making CMS' customers among the most profitable and capable of responding to any market need, or special requirement – an impressive list of worldwide users.

Commercial ApplicationsCommercial Glass

BREMBANA's wide range of vertical & horizontal glass fabrication machines are ideal for processing high quantities of commercial application glass. These machines can be stand alone or made into a continuous production line for fully automatic operation.

Eyeglass framesEyeglass Frames

Glasses worn to improve sight have been around for some time, with other uses and needs having surfaced along the way in which glasses shield from the sun's rays, protect from flying debris, filter out dangerous visible or near visible radiation, and so forth. The frame itself, which holds the lenses, has in the last two decades received a lot of attention with the goal that the frame might be more easily designed, utilize new materials, be produced in smaller batches, have a quicker turnaround time to meet the market demand: all benefits which inure from modern manufacturing concepts driven by a deep understanding of the production objectives and a correct application of powerful CNC machining center technology.

Gunstock machiningGunstocks

The stock of a gun, a necessary part of the firearm, providing the attachment point for the barrel and firing mechanism, as well as ergonomic support against the shoulder during its recoil, is also part of the art of gun making with its selection of wood, carving and finish, and a contributing factor to accuracy and comfort with its proper design and fit to a particular shooter. The design and manufacture of modern gunstocks has continued to elevate in craftsmanship, as well as improved technical performance, with possible customization for stocks utilizing individual fit parameters, "bespoke", which can be adjusted within CAD/CAM software, as well as the selection of materials, and the ultimate execution of the customized program through CNC machining.

Boats & Yachts Marine

CMS has for many years provided outstanding CNC machining solutions for the needs of boatbuilding's foremost manufacturers and craftsmen, covering all their interior woodworking needs ranging from efficient production of cabinetry employing flat panel nesting technology to solid wood.

Motorhomes & CaravansMotor Caravans

Motorhomes, travel trailers, caravans, bus conversions, truck campers, campervans, along with many other names are all part of today's popular recreational vehicle culture, also known just as "RVing". RV's cover a range of needs from those who just want to get away for leisure time, such as vacation or camping, to those who live in them. But in general, those who want to RV are looking to travel and camp, for which reason RV's are generally manufactured with a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and living room. And Americans seem to like their RV's bigger than most other places in the world. CMS provides as part of its line of CNC machines, standalone and flow through systems for the automated production of these motorhome sides, floors, cabinets, etc.

Power GenerationPower Generation

When considering the world's expanding need for new energy resources, and the desire to lessen the impact of such additional consumption upon the ecosystem, wind energy is presented as the one with the greatest potential to fulfill such needs, and perhaps the most underutilized at the present. It's estimated that wind power might produce about 5 times the level of commercially viable electricity needed, as that presently consumed worldwide, 72 terawatts as compared with 15 terawatts: source "Mapping the global wind power resource". At the present time, worldwide production of electrical energy derived from wind represents about 2% of the total output, that of the USA being about 2.4%, with a number of European countries obtaining substantially more output from wind, ranging from between 8 - 20%.

Prototype Models & MoldsPrototypes Models & Molds

The field dedicated to studying, creating and providing most of the 3-dimensional products we need and use today comprises a long list of highly skilled craftsman, technicians and engineers, known as: model makers, mold makers, and toolmakers; who provide everything from industrial models, plugs, molds, dies, prototypes, scale models, to mock-ups, using materials such as aluminum, light alloys, foams, EPS, epoxy phenol and polyurethane (PU) resins, solid wood, plywood, foundry sand, and so forth, employing two fundamental process approaches to their work, either the subtractive process, in which material is removed until the desired surface or shape is obtained, or additive, in which material is added until the desired surface or shape is obtained, or a combination of both methods, as in the new low cost technology utilizing an EPS substrate, which is machined to a rough approximation of the final surface and then covered with an epoxy paste, which after curing is machined to the final required surface.

Thermoformed part trimmingThermoformed Products

There are countless types of plastics available, making it one of the most widely used materials in the world. Plastics are generally less expensive than metals, and many varieties offer comparable strength with significantly lighter weight. Commonly machined plastics include polypropylene, PVC, acrylic, vinyl, nylon, ABS, Torlon, Ultem, and Nomex. Plastic materials, including advanced engineering plastics, are very easy to process with the use of the right equipment. Plastic is readily cut, drilled, milled, and otherwise machined.

Railway: Trains, Trams, TubeTransportation

Railway - Trains, Trams, Tube—modern train travel and transportation dates back to the 1820's, when rail lines began to connect cities together and provide a means of moving both products and people from one place to another over steel rails laid on specially prepared road beds. CMS provides unique CNC solutions for this important industry.

Refrigerated Semi-trailers, Trailers & Vans—"Reefer" technology for refrigerated semi-trailers, trailers, vans, and ocean going containers makes a big impact on everyday life: for all these special application needs, CMS provides the CNC technology to get the job done.