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Honeycomb Material CNC Machining

  • Honeycomb Material CNC Machining
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Man-made honeycomb structures have been used as building materials since the days of Ancient Rome. Honeycomb’s high strength-to-weight ratio and energy absorption properties have made it popular for everything from construction to aerospace, and it is used in the manufacture of a wide range of products and components.

Honeycomb Machining

Modern honeycomb materials can be manufactured out of paper, polycarbonate, and countless materials in between. As such, it is critical to utilize the right equipment for your honeycomb machining needs. CMS North America's versatile, high performance CNC machining centers, such as the Ares, Antares and Poseidon moving bridge systems, provide proven technology and 5-axis capabilities for precision honeycomb machining, regardless of base material.

Advantages of CMSNA's CNC Machining Centers

CMS North America (CMSNA) has long been a leader in CNC technology. Our CNC systems feature numerous innovative capabilities that make them ideal for honeycomb machining.

  • High power, high speed machining spindles for cutting, shaping, profiling, and more
  • Multiple spindle capabilities for machining more than one component simultaneously
  • Automated vertical and horizontal multiple spindle drilling groups
  • A large range of available specialty aggregates
  • Available rotating 4th axis work tables
  • and much, much more…

Contact CMS North America today for more information on our CNC systems for honeycomb machining.