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Founder Of A Caledonia, MI Advanced Materials Machining Company Image - CMS North AmericaMr. Pietro Aceti, Founder of CMS Industries

Photo Of A Caledonia, MI CNC Machining Company - CMS North AmericaCMS a story of solutions and engineering

Engineering – the power for solutionsEngineering – the power for solutions

CMS ISO9001 CertificationCMS ISO9001 Certification

CMS Industries - World Headquarters CMS Industries - World Headquarters


CMS SpA is founded by Mr. Pietro Aceti, diplomaed Engineer, with the mission to provide machines that solve problems, solutions that are elegantly simple in conception, rock solid in engineering and design to last, and though while special, in providing particular manufacturing sector capabilities, yet not prototypes, but which are sound, reliable and affordable machines. It is during this time that CMS, producing a range of diverse product offerings, which includes their highly desired turning lathes, precision hydraulic feed through chiseling machines, and other specialized products, develops, over a 4 year period of engineering, refining, construction and field testing, its first CNC machining center the AP-Biax, forerunner of the first production model sold in 1974.


In 1974 CMS produces its first production model CNC Machining Center – which in 2015 was acquired from the original owner, still working, and placed in CMS' showroom after running 41 continuous years in production.

Since then CMS has constantly pushed the technological development of CNC Machining Centers which are flexible, versatile, and capable of working any part with extreme accuracy and high productivity, while providing machine operators the greatest safety.

CMS’ first production focused on the broad Wood industry, making CMS a world-wide leader in this field.


In 1980, to diversify its machining center production, CMS entered the STONE sector, as a first in the world, with its BREMBANA MACCHINE trademark.

CMS’ production range then extended to the OPTICAL sector (eye-glasses frames) and PLASTIC sector as well, providing CNC machining centers for plastics, which can also machine light alloys (ALUMINUM) and similar materials.

Acquiring the TECNOMETAL trademark (a worldwide leader in the manufacturing of CNC machining centers and cutting tables for glass processing) CMS’ production enlarged into the GLASS sector as well.


As indicative of its commitment to its customers and the market, CMS has changed and reshaped it methodologies, as well as internal, and manufacturing operations, complying with and receiving continuous ISO 9001 certification from 1996 and presently holding ISO 9001:2000 certification.


In 2004 CMS’ stone division begins production of its BRIDGE SAW and POLISHING MACHINES for MARBLE and GRANITE.


Tecnocut waterjet cutting systems

Tecnocut becomes part of CMS Industries in 2005, having been already active throughout world markets for over 20 years at that point. Tecnocut is a recognized leader in the waterjet industry and manufactures complete systems, including: Very high pressure intensifiers, cutting tables and advanced control software. The company is directly responsible for sales in the metal and technical equipment sectors, and develops applications of this technology for all other companies of the CMS group.


Balestrini joins CMS Industries in 2011, to further enhance its strong commitment to the production of special wood working machines. Created in the Fifties, Balestrini specializes in the manufacture of machines for the solid wood sector. The acquisition of this company allowed CMS to offer a full range of woodworking equipment specifically designed for high quality wood working.


CMS Industries consolidates and expands its manufacturing facilities in Zogno, Italy having completed a plan which brings together all of its engineering, manufacturing locations and production employees in one location, and in the process adding about 250,000 ft2 to its previous floor space in Zogno, almost doubling its size.


CMS Industries finalizes its relationship with SCM Group, a relationship which began in 2002 with a leading Italian company for the creation, production and distribution of technologically advanced solutions for a wide range of materials. SCM Group has been present for over 50 years in all continents of the world with brands specialized in specific technologies.

At present

As CMS Industries nears 50 years of manufacturing activity, it has grown, becoming a leading industrial concern and a worldwide reference point in the manufacture of high quality, high precision and high performance CNC machining center technology.