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CNC Glass Machining - Flat Panel Applications

  • Shower doors, enclosures Furniture tops, counter tops, entry doors, beveled mirrors grooved shelving
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The use of Glass in the home is on the rise. No longer relegated to door or cabinet lights, glass is increasingly a design element being seen in applications from table tops and bases to room dividers, sliding panels and bathroom fixtures. It insulates us from the outside temperature and allows light into our living spaces.  New advanced CNC technology for processing glass has meant that Glass has become an even more desirable material to work with.




The elements of flat glass sheet processing technology

The elements of flat glass sheet processing technology

Most glass projects begin as glass components which are taken from larger flat glass sheets, which sheets themselves come from larger sheets yet and are produced by companies specializing in a technology which is called "float glass".  

The first processing operation for the flat glass component manufacturer is usually cutting the large sheets it receives into the correct sizes. This is done by the use of a machine called a "cutting table". 

Cutting tables actually don’t cut, but score the glass so the operator can then snap the glass to size. 

The glass component will be further processed with drilling and milling operations on CNC machining centers such as CMS Brembana's JR, Speed or Vertec (a vertically oriented processing machine, as opposed to a horizontal one).  

Edging operations can ultimately be added on CNC machines such as Brembana's JR, Speed, Profile (a vertically oriented processing machine) or our Futura line of double sided edgers.

Among the components which are produced from flat glass sheets are:

  • Double glazing, windows and structural facades
  • Doors, stairs, tables and tops
  • Shower doors, enclosures
Machines used to process glass sheets

Machines used to process flat glass sheets

Cutting tables begin the process of yielding smaller pieces from a larger sheet to a dimension which can be worked by other machines—both rectangular and shaped. These are cutting tables such as CMS Brembana's:

  • Runner
  • Agil

CNC Machining centers continue the process of working with these pieces producing finished edges to a precise dimension, along with holes, slots, shapes and almost anything else that can be imagined. Such CNC machining centers are CMS Brembana's:

  • JR
  • Speed
  • Maxima

Vertically oriented processing machines made an important appearance into manufacturing during the last several years because of some of the inherent limitations of horizontal machining centers. CMS Brembana's line of vertical machines optimizes the customer's resources of space and manpower in significant new ways. CMS Brembana's vertically oriented CNC machining centers are:

  • Vertec
  • Profile

There's also an important place for a machine that create an edge on both sides of a part at the same time. These are called "double edgers". CMS Brembana's Double Edging CNC machines are:

  • FutruaT
  • FuturaP

Lastly a number of processing operations are carried out by the use of high pressure abrasive water in machines known as waterjet cutting machines. An important one of these from CMS' line of waterjet cutting machines is it's Brembana/Tecnocut:

  • Idroline S


Agil - Glass cutting table

Agil - Glass cutting table

Agil is a competitive, efficient and strong cutting table. Agil has a fixed cutting table with loading arms, 2 interpolated axes and a pivoting head for cutting panes of straight and shaped flat glass with a thickness ranging from 3 to 25 mm.

Runner - Glass Cutting Table

Runner - Glass Cutting Table

Runner features a tilting cutting table for ease of the loading/unloading operation and comes with 3 interpolated axes for straight and shaped cutting of flat glass plates which range in thickness from 2 to 25 mm.


The JR and Speed are horizontal 3 or 4 axis CNC machines. The horizontal design of this machine lends itself to unique and custom shaped glass component finished parts. Horizontal machining centers have vacuum part holding cups and reference stops which the operator will need to position before the machine is loaded for work.

The JR and Speed CMS/Brembana horizontal CNC machining centers have been produced for many years and are the "work-horse" machine for many production shops.  A wide number of options for these machines exist, such as: grooving, lettering and cup wheel polishing to name a few.

JR - horizontal machining CNC center

JR - horizontal machining CNC center

JR is a multi-functional CNC machining center with 3 or 4 interpolated axes and an automatic tool changer, and carries out a wide range of processing operations such as milling, grinding, engraving and beveling...

Speed - horizontal machining CNC center

Speed - horizontal machining CNC center

Speed is CMS/Brembaba's CNC machining center with 3 or 4 axes (upon request) for machining glass and similar materials, natural and artificial stone.

Speed performs any type of drilling, milling, disc cutting (upon request), shaping, contouring, countersinking, recessing, pocketing, polishing, carving, engraving and even writing operations...

Maxima - horizontal machining CNC center

Maxima - horizontal machining CNC center

Maxima is CMS/Brembana's CNC machining center with 5 or 6 axes (upon request) for machining glass and similar materials, natural and artificial stone blocks and slabs.

Maxima is ideal for any type of drilling, milling, disc cutting, shaping, contouring, countersinking, recessing, pocketing, carving, engraving, polishing, beveling with variable angle, writing and turning... 

Most of the options come standard on this machine. 


There are many benefits to a vertical style machining center for glass processing.

  • First, the foot print is much smaller which immediately saves floor space. 
  • Second, the vertical style machining center automatically sets the required vacuum cups and references each job, which greatly improves productivity. 
  • Third, when the glass is in the machining center, it is always in a vertical position which is safer and easier to handle. 
  • Lastly, a vertical machine is also easier to automate with material handling systems:
    • automatic loading/unloading,
    • integrated washer
    • auto stacking with paper separator

These are a few examples of what can be done. The lines are configurable according to the customer's need.

Vertec - vertical processing glass CNC

Vertec - vertical processing glass CNC

Vertec is CMS/Brembana's CNC drilling/drilling-milling vertical machining center for processing glass sheets.

Vertec is a vertical drilling CNC with 4 interpolated axes + 2 tool change axes for holes and countersinks on rectangular and shaped glass panes. The most innovative solution for vertical drilling and milling...

Profile - vertical processing glass CNC


Profile - vertical processing glass CNC

CMS/Brembana's Profile is a "grinding-milling-boring" CNC machine with 4 interpolated axes and 4 correction axes for milling, polishing and grinding of square and shaped glass panes. Profile is the only true vertical CNC machining center...


A "double edger" is a machine that edges two opposite sides at the same time. Machines equipped with both cup wheels and peripheral wheels are available. "Double edger" machines are restricted to rectangularly shaped parts, although some models can carry out work on trapezoidal parts. Double edger systems are also configurable depending upon the shape and amount of space available in the factory. Straight, L-shaped and U shaped double edger lines are configurable according to the customer's requirement.

Futura P - double edging glass machine

Futura P - double edging glass machine

Futura P is CMS/Brembana's Glass Flat Wire Grinding Machine.

Futura P is a double straight edging machine with cup wheels for maximum quality. Futura P can be equipped with automatic loading and unloading systems and an automatic paper interleaver....

Futura T - double edging glass machine

Futura T - double edging glass machine

Futura T is CMS/Brembana's Glass Round Wire Grinding Machine.

Futura's is a double round edging machine with peripheral grinding wheels for maximum productivity. Futura be equipped with automatic loading and unloading systems and an automatic paper interleaver...

Double edger - hold down

Double edger - edging tools closeup view

Double edger - glass separation

Double edger - separation of glass


Idroline S - waterjet cutting for glass

Idroline S - waterjet cutting for glass

Idroline S is CMS/Tecnocut's hydro-abrasive waterjet cutting system in a perfect application for a wide range of glass cutting needs.

Idroline S is the newest generation of CMS/Tecnocut's CNC cutting robots, designed with a specific structural solution for water-jet cutting technology, so as to ensure superior technological and productive performance.

Idroline S has a heavy, rigid built frame with a fixed column gantry structure, which is designed to ensure long term maximum accuracy.

Idroline S is characterized by:

  • Higher efficiency: highly intuitive man/machine interface and new workpiece clamping system
  • Higher versatility: new machine sizes and wide range of supply accessories
  • Higher reliability: NC and digital drives for the total control of cutting parameters


European style shower systems

European style shower systems

European style shower systems are in great demand in residential buildings today—and vertical machines are designed for this kind of fabrication.  The lite is positioned onto the infeed conveyer and the program is started.  The piece is rolled into the machine where sensors read the leading edge position.  

Once in place the vacuum cups automatically move into place to grab the glass.  Which cups and how many have been determined previously by the specially designed CMS EasyGlass software.  

The piece then moves into the working area to do the machining, after which the vacuum releases and the lite rolls to the outfeed conveyor. 

Many of these steps can be automated including the programming.

The Vertec machine is used for milling and drilling operations, while the Profile is used for milling, drilling, profiling, and polishing


Cardinal Shower Enclosures - Customer Case Study on Vertec - CMS Brembana Glass Technology

Cardinal Shower Enclosures gives an overview on how CMS/Brembana's Vertec vertical glass processing technology impacted their production operations: time savings on producing their components, ease of information input, ease of loading the machine.

Cardinal also gives an explanation of how the machines works and it's impressive technology for hole drilling from both the front and the back, along with its "halo flood" technology to guarantee good holes without scratching the surfaces.

Remake levels have decreased and productive volume has increased.

Automated Flat Panel Processing—CMS Brembana KART+FT Double Edger+Vertec+Triulzi Washer

Automated flat panel processing is illustrated.

The line is automatically loaded and the processing of two of its sides is carried out at once in a Futura T double edger followed by automatic unloading and uninterrupted immediate re-loading into a VERTEC for processing of holes and drilling operations, followed by a proper cleaning at the end through a Triulzi Washer system with the parts being finally unload into a storage cart.


Glass Technology - Cutting tables
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Glass Technology - Double Edging machines
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Glass Technology - CNC machining centers
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Glass Technology - Waterjet cutting system
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