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CNC Glass Machining - Eyeglasses

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Glasses worn to improve sight have been around for some time, with other uses and needs having surfaced along the way in which glasses shield from the sun's rays, protect from flying debris, filter out dangerous visible or near visible radiation, and so forth. The frame itself, which holds the lenses, has in the last two decades received a lot of attention with the goal that the frame might be more easily designed, utilize new materials, be produced in smaller batches, have a quicker turnaround time to meet the market demand: all benefits which inure from modern manufacturing concepts driven by a deep understanding of the production objectives and a correct application of powerful CNC machining center technology.




Eyeglass framesCMS' Monofast is the story of a winning solution's progress. Monofast, CMS' exclusive machining system for plastic and light-alloy eye-glass frames, specially designed and manufactured for the eye-glass industry, has been used for many years by the world's most renowned eye-glass manufacturers.

Monofast improves the flexibility, user-friendliness, and productivity of a system that, starting from a drawing or sample, makes it possible for a new model to be created in only 4 hours and then proceed to a highly automated production process, totally unattended.

CMS' Monofast, specialized CNC machining center technology, engineered and adapted for eyeglass frame and shield manufacturing, is the state of the art, highest performance technology, for the manufacturer who needs to rapidly adapt his product line to changing market trends and tastes.

Monofast CNC -
eyeglass frames

Monofast - CNC machining technology for eyeglass frames, shields and masks

Monofast - CNC machining technology for eyeglass frames, shields and masks

Monofast, CMS' CNC machining center for eyeglass frames, masks and shields, was designed, engineered and built with power, flexibility and productivity in mind:

  • powerful two position ATC revolver with opposing electrospindles, providing hidden tool changing time
  • 16-place tool carousel
  • laser device for checking tools: the tool can be replaced by a similar one, if broken, or after a preset number of machining cycles
  • vacuum clamping of lenses and masks
  • a highly reliable solution, proven and demonstrated by over 200 Monofast machines already installed and in operation


Monofast - the advantages:

  • Machine cleanliness and environment:
    • integrated dust extraction system
    • cleaning system by blowing devices and waste conveying into the dust extraction system
  • Appearance and functionality:
    • sleek, compact design
    • improved operator ergonomics
    • fully visible and illuminated working area
    • easy access for setup
    • chute for conveying finished pieces into a collection box
  • Easy programming
    • operator's interface: Office PC
    • machine on-line diagnostics and parameters modification through the web
    • ISO programming compatible with any related CAD program
    • production management with daily reports on machine operation
  • Full automation:
    • unmanned operation
    • blank feeder with automatic loading of overlapping or spaced strips, bent strips or blanks with already inserted components (bridges, metal parts, etc) vice-change equipment, with C axis realigning device on vice-change equipment for the optimization of the blank material required (option)
Monofast - internal and external eyeglass frame holding system

Monofast - internal and external eyeglass frame holding system

In this photo Monofast's external and internal holding system for the blanks is seen. In the first phase the blank is held from the outside, while the internal machining for the lenses takes place. In the next phase the frame is held from within the lens openings, while the external machining takes place on the frame's front side, followed by a quick manipulation and exchange of faces, in which the back face is exposed and machined, after which the finished eyeglass frame is released into Monofast's collection box.

Monofast - hopper system, laser checking, software

Monofast - hopper system, laser checking, software

To the left in this photo is shown Monofast's hopper feed system, in which blanks of various types may be loaded for automatic unattended operation. To the top right can be seen one of Monofast's two opposing ATC spindles - which are placed in revolver fashion and provide hidden tool changing time - near its 16 place tool changing disc, and in the direct line of sight for the laser so that, before each tool change, the laser can check the cutting tool to determine if it's broken, and if necessary exchange it for one that's not, completing its internal verification loop and assuring good parts throughout its unattended work cycle. In the photo to the bottom, is shown Monofast's CAM software, utilizing and converting information from various compatible CAD programs or through data "taught-in" from a sample, to create the machining program necessary to drive Monofast's machining processes.


Layer plastic eyeglass frames

Layer plastic eyeglass frames

Layered eyeglass frames, machined from plastic blanks, which have been cut from larger sheets, themselves the result of the combination and layering of a number of differently colored sheets of plastic together, provide the opportunity for high fashion statements, while being able to be manufactured in small batch, low production quantities, avoiding the obligations of injection molded frame technology, with its need for mold design, purchasing, and ultimately its storing, along with high minimum run quantity requirements and setup concerns. The layered plastic blank permits the designer to sculpt the frame through various machining passes with various cutting tools, removing the outer layers and exposing the inner ones at various points of the frame, adding interest, style and a new aesthetic to frames made in various shapes, sizes, and with endless variations in design.

Sun glasses

Sun glasses

Sun glasses, like all other frames, benefit from the opportunities of a low batch run quantity and CMS' Monofast technology: the possibility to target a new design and make a quick introduction to the market of a new fashion statement, without the need to wait for design, production and manufacture of injection molds... which can take weeks. There is nothing faster than choosing the material for a new frame, developing a new design within hours, and starting its manufacturing the following day, which delivers a new frame for a strategic test in the market several days after that. Fashion can move fast... Monofast makes it happen.

Masks, shields and protectors

Masks, shields and protectors

As seen in this photo, it's not just frames which benefit from CMS' Monofast CNC machining technology, but masks, shields and protectors of various sorts, ranging from military, racing, and sport helmet face protectors to laboratory masks and shields, which can all be produced on Monofast, making the job of responding to the market, and getting it to the market faster, easier than ever.


Monofast - CNC 5 axis machining of eyeglass frames

Monofast - complete, automatic, unattended production, on a bent eyeglass frame

Temple Frame Ends

Eyeglasses - Temple frame parts machining