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Custom CNC Machines

  • Custom CNC Machines
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OEMs, machine shops, job shops, and fabricators often have very different needs when it comes to CNC machining. Though machining requirements may vary greatly from project to project, every project requires the same high levels of precision, accuracy, and quality.

To give you state-of-the-art CNC machining performance that meets all of your unique requirements, CMSNA can create a custom CNC machine built to your specifications. Whether you work with wood, stone, plastic, glass, metals/materials or advanced materials, our engineering team can work with you to develop custom CNC solutions for your machining needs.

Why A Custom CNC Machine?

Though every CNC system from CMSNA delivers exceptional quality, flexibility, and performance, a custom CNC machine will give you all the capabilities your application requires, in a system that fits your facility. We offer an array of features that can be combined into the perfect package for your machining application.

Our available 5-axis machining heads deliver unrivaled precision and articulation for highly complex, high precision manufacturing. Higher rates of productivity and nonstop cycles are also options with CMS’ double moving bridge setups with multiple work spindles and special work zones which can enable non-stop production cycles. Full enclosures are available to protect personnel and capture machining dust. These and numerous other options are available to create a custom CNC machine that meets your exact specifications.

CMS’ Custom CNC Systems

A number of CMS North America’s high performance CNC machining centers are available in custom configurations. Our customizable CNC systems include:

No matter what your application, CMS North America can create the perfect custom CNC machine for your needs. Contact us today to get started!