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  • Controllers
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CMS provides a range of high level technology CNC controllers, ones appropriate to, and dependent upon, the level of technology required for the CNC machine and its work processes.

In general, the following controllers are used in the following application fields, and options for other controllers are available dependent upon the application. Each controller is loaded with CMS’ standard feature set, a configuration that CMS considers necessary for the application, which means that there are generally no additional optional features necessary to be added.

Application Sector

Controller Type


Advanced Materials




Fanuc 3li A5

OSAI 10-510i

Siemens 840D





OSAI 10-510i – 5 axis

Fanuc 31i A5

OSAI 10-510s – 3&4 axis

Fanuc 21i MB





OSAI 10-510i – 5 axis


OSAI 10-510s – 3&4 axis




OSAI 10-510i – 5 axis

OSAI 10-510s – 3&4 axis


OSAI Teach-In capability

Note: for direct teach-in capabilities from an existing part, OSAI is available with the optional module “Auto Teach-In at the console”, complete with teach-in console and PowerARM software.