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CMS North America, located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and incorporated in 1987, is a subsidiary of its parent company, CMS SpA with worldwide operations based in Zogno, Italy, and dedicated to the sales, support and service of its customers, their CMS machines, staff training, and long term interests for the efficient usage of that technology and CMS’ continuing communication of its technological developments.

CMS North America

Photo Of Caledonia, MI CNC Machining Company - CMS North America


CMS North America (CMSNA), with a staff of over 40 people, located throughout the USA and Canada, provides technical sales, service, training and spare parts support for both the USA and Canada.

Picture Of Employees At A Caledonia, MI CNC Wood Machining Company - CMS North America

Technical Staff

Its Technical Staff, being about one-half of the company personnel, represents the awareness of a long term commitment to its customers’ need for a well trained and knowledgeable staff for CMSNA’s 1400+ machines already installed and under support. The average tenure of the technical staff is 12+ years, with continuing training and certification by CMS for technical skills.

Image Of Caledonia, MI CNC Machining Factory - CMS North America

Parts Staff

Its Parts Staff handles requests for parts orders, quotes, retrofits and follow-up, having a call logging database for the requests it handles. With thousands of parts in stock, an inventory value of $3.5+ million, and orders being received in weekly from Italy, the parts department responds with daily shipments, completing about 85% of its requests each day.

Image Of Worker In Plastic Machining Factory In Caledonia, MI - CMS North America

Spindle Repair Department

The Spindle Repair department represents the specific determination of CMS to provide the best possible repair service for its customers’ CMS spindles, working units which are designed, produced, and assembled by CMS to its own high performance standards and must be repaired accordingly. The Spindle department will evaluate, repair or refurbish a defective spindle and cover it with CMS’ 12 month pro-rated warranty against failure. In addition the department also repairs drill units and aggregates of various sorts.

Employee Working At A Caledonia, MI CNC Machining Company Picture - CMS North America

Phone Support Group

CMS Phone Support Group provides regular hour’s phone support to our customers’ machine related questions, non-operational conditions, and programming questions. After hours, telephone emergency, non-operational machine support is provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year for both the USA and Canada. Each call is logged, and email communications of call origination and status are sent to the company’s management and support staff. Click the following link for more information on CMSNA’ Customer Technical Support System.


CNC Stone Cutting Machines In Caledonia, MI Factory Photo - CMS North America


CMS’ 30,000 sq ft. facility, designed for manufacturing and rebuilding of machines, is well situated for customer display, demonstrations, and customer training.

Image Of CNC Wood Machining Employees Getting Trained In Caledonia, MI - CMS North America

Training rooms

CMS’ facility also contains two separate 6 student training rooms for machine usage, maintenance, safety, and software training. Each room is complete with projection equipment, and individual desk and PC for each student.

Secure Storage customer’s machine information

All customer machine information, including mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, parts drawings and machine manuals, is loaded on CMS’ 12 terabyte storage system and available for technician and customer use, as needed.

Traveling service support

CMS maintains a complete traveling service and support van for customer installations, service, Preventive Maintenance and Certified Calibration work.

Picture Of Laser Installation Of CNC Glass Cutting Machines In Caledonia, MI - CMS North America

Laser installation, calibration and certification

CMS maintains certified Hammer laser systems for basic installation of large format CNC machining centers, and in addition maintains certified Renishaw laser equipment for both linear and rotary calibration and may also certify the results of its work for customer’s requiring such documentation for their own manufacturing certification.


CMSNA works directly in the North American market with its end users, importing from CMS Industries, and supplying its CNC machining center solutions and systems for customers in the broad industrial segments of Aluminum & Composite Materials, Aerospace, Automotive, Marine, Wood, Stone and Glass, with specialized Area Sales Managers conducting and supporting each customer’s project.

R & D

CMSNA prides itself on being both an originator and supporter of concepts, new methods, improvements in design, and new products required for its market. With this in mind CMSNA introduced several new patents during 2010, through its Stone Division, specialized solutions with a high impact on manufacturing methods and efficiency. Such developments, along with those of CMS Group, benefit a world market and issue in a continuing flow of new patents based on customer requested improvements.

Quality System

CMS is proud to have held an ISO 9001 quality certification from 1996, with a present certification of ISO 9001:2000.


Among long standing names and recent CMS customers, we are proud to support such industries as:

  • Aluminum & Composite Materials – Boeing, Spirit, ATK, Hawker Beechcraft, SpaceX, Lockheed Martin
  • Wood – Steelcase, Herman Miller, Henredon
  • Stone – Fine Line Pacific, Custom Surfaces/Old Castle Group, Atlanta Kitchens
  • Glass – PPG Glass, Old Castle Group, Arch Aluminum & Glass Co.

Our Customers

CNC Solutions

CMS is proud to continue its mission of providing the best CNC solution, not just commodity machinery, to each customer’s requirement, from small shops to large corporations. Because the same need exists in each customer’s project: listen to the customer’s real need, and determine what manufacturing methods, processes, or problems are draining profit from the operations. Propose a solution, not a one-off or prototype, but a solution adapted and enhanced from CMS’ over 40 years of solution and problem solving experience based on tested, well proven CNC platform families and support it all with solid expectations of what is accomplished at each phase: installation, acceptance, training, and after sales support.


If CMS and the customer share the same defined expectations, and you meet those expectations, then the result is satisfaction, a satisfaction which will not be a surprise at the end, but a satisfaction we’re proud to say can often be more than was expected.