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CNC Mills

  • CNC Mills
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CMS is the proven leader in CNC machining technology, offering a range of versatile, high speed CNC systems that provide unrivaled performance and precision. To meet the unique needs of milling applications, we put our groundbreaking technology into a family of flexible, highly adaptable CNC mills.

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What are CNC mills?

Let’s begin at the beginning: Much older than the practice of CNC milling is the concept of milling itself. Milling is the process of removing extraneous pieces from blocks or slabs of solid raw material to create a product of some kind. Those who did the work were called millers, the equipment they used came to be known as mills and milling machines.

Milling is usually meant to describe the process of cutting heavier materials which have ductile qualities, such as metal. As opposed to lighter and more brittle materials like wood, heavier materials are drawn out in the cutting process, which usually involves lower RPM, higher power requirements, and some form of “flooding” at the cutting tool to reduce heat and friction and remove debris during the cutting process.

Modern CNC Milling Technology

Today's CNC milling machines require high powered electro-spindles, high accuracy, and, for certain applications—such as surfacing, the machining of wing spars, and other similar processes—high speed machining capabilities. Coupled with their fast acceleration and deceleration capabilities, these qualities allow CNC mills to maintain their high speed performance throughout the often numerous short movements involved in the CNC milling process.

The correct nomenclature for CNC mills depends more on the nature of the material being cut than on the capabilities of the tools themselves. In the realm of CNC machining centers, the same machine may be called a “CNC router” if it is used to cut light materials, or a “CNC mill” if it is used to work on heavier materials.

Advantages of CMS’ CNC Mills

CMS’ CNC machining centers are highly advanced versions of CNC mills, and are specifically designed for milling applications such as non-ferrous metals, high performance alloys, and special mold and model materials. Our CNC mills are used in a wide range of demanding, performance-oriented industries and applications, including aerospace, advanced materials, model and mold making, and countless others.

Our CNC milling machines offer:

  • Extreme rigidity, engineered with FEA analysis and design
  • Heavy duty, high performance motion systems
  • High velocity servomotors that provide high speed acceleration/deceleration control and extreme responsiveness
  • Highly accurate scale systems supported by our own laser calibration and certification services
  • “Torque 5” motor control technology on select CNC milling machine models
  • Mechanical systems that utilize double opposing servomotors designed for zero backlash
  • Thermic compensation joint technology
  • Various high precision work table options, which can also include supporting flood, recirculation, and chip removal systems
  • A wide range of special devices, aggregates, and turning and holding devices
  • and more

CMS’ technology, innovative designs, and solution-oriented CNC milling machines provide the perfect solution for the unique demands of numerous processing technologies. Whether you call them CNC routers or CNC mills, they’re still CNC machining centers. CMS’ CNC milling machines provide a significant performance edge for all of the various technologies that fall into the “CNC” category.

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