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CNC Machines

CMS Industries specializes in the design and production of numerically controlled multi-axis machining centers, thermoforming machines and waterjet cutting systems.

With CMS' extensive catalog of solutions, it can successfully meet the requirements of a wide range of industrial sectors, including: Aerospace, defense, automotive, marine, energy, building and construction, mechanical, eyewear, stone, glass, wood and many more.
CMS machines are found in the world's leading companies and are used to build space shuttles, military and civilian aircraft, Formula 1 cars, sport and road cars, America's Cup boats, yachts, wind turbines, along with a wide range of other products requiring the utmost quality and accuracy.
CMS Machining centers and software applications are used across a breath of industrial sectors, including: Woodworking, plastics and composite materials, light alloys, aluminum, marble, stones, glass, eyewear.

In the following sections you can acquaint yourself with the brands and divisions of CMS Industries, as well as use the "Help Me Choose Configurator" to choose the right machine from among the materials you machine, the industry you work in, or from among CMS' various machine brands.