Ways to Integrate Smart Devices With CNC Machining

Integration between CNC machines and smart devices has been slow in coming for many machinists. The industry can be conservative, and many people are mentally still in a world that has barely put down the slide rules of old. However, your smart devices can do a lot that will have your CNC machining operation working better than ever.

Maintenance Scheduling

Scheduling maintenance on a CNC machine used to be part marking it on a calendar and part simply checking it over carefully to find any wear on a reasonably regular basis. In the modern world, your smart devices can make the process easier by both automatically pinging you when maintenance should be performed, and even checking subtle changes to the speeds of the motors or flow of power through the device as a diagnostic your eyes cannot see.

Angle Identification

Smart devices can often identify the angles of objects as simply as pointing them at the angle to be measured and essentially taking its picture. By doing this, the smart device can aid you in selecting the angle by which you are going to make a given cut on the materials. The smart device may even be able to aide you by helping determine the cut depth and whether you are using the best possible cutter.

Cut Course Planning

Cut courses can be determined through a variety of calculations CNC machinists are required to know. However, human error does still play a role. Thus, the less direct calculating you do, the better for your CNC machining. Allowing your smart device to suggest the courses of your cuts can reduce your mistakes, as the smart device requires few inputs from fallible human sources.

Durability Research

Have you ever been curious if a given material would be ideal or simply “okay” for a given cutter? With a smart device, you can research the relative merits instantly, and even set up automated warnings to yourself if there is the potential for cutter damage due to an incompatibility between the blade and the material.

Smart devices integrate well with CNC machines. With open-mindedness, the experience is an even better one.

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