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CMS North America is pleased to announce the recognition of and receipt of top honors for its CNC Blog, which specializes in news, industry overviews, technical questions and solutions, as well as the history of CNC. The Feedspot Award recognizes the Top 50 blogs, from among thousands, specializing in the area of CNC, among which CMS North America was ranked #18. The ranking criteria included a mix of the following:

Google reputation and Google search ranking influence and popularity on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites, Quality and consistency of posts, Feedspot’s editorial team and expert review.

If you’re among those interested in CNC, feel free to peruse our CNC Blog to learn more about the ins and outs of CNC.

CMS’ Adaptive Technology: Complex Surfaces in Reduced Cycle Times

CMS North America’s CNC machining centers have long been famous for their speed and precision. Our newly-developed adaptive technology makes roughing and semi-finishing processes even faster, while maintaining the same unparalleled quality and accuracy that users expect from CMS equipment.

Easier Operation, Greater ROI

Created by our brilliant R&D team, CMS’ innovative Adaptive Technology consists of 10 machine mapping parameters, each of which is optimized for different material types or different machining operations, as well as a specialized roughing parameter. Parameter settings can be entered directly through a part program. Adaptive Technology provides a balanced solution for the machining of all types of parts and components.

With our Adaptive Technology, CNC operators no longer need to spend time searching for the best machine parameters for the project at hand. Instead, operators can instantly set their CNC system for the best possible material removal rates. Considering the amount of NC setup time and testing that is usually required for complex machining operations, this feature alone will provide significant time savings.

DSCF2949 from CMS NA

An example of CMS North America’s adaptive technology.

CMS’ Adaptive Technology allows complex surfaces to be machined in substantially reduced cycle types, without a drop off in surface quality or accuracy. All axis commands remain the same, but the machining center will rough out at as much as twice the feed rate of the finishing paths. When paired with the right cutting tools, roughing and semi-finishing operations can be completed in a fraction of the time.

By enabling faster and more efficient operation, Adaptive Technology helps improve users’ ROI in their CMS machines. Adaptive Technology will be especially useful to OEMs and machinists in markets such as aerospace (for machining composite and aluminum parts), automotive (for composite and light alloy parts for road cars, racecars, and motorcycles), marine (for composite hulls, decks, masts, and interior components), and wind energy (for turbine blades and internal components), among others.

CMS’ Adaptive Technology system is available as an optional feature on our Ares, Antares, and other CNC machining centers. Contact us today to learn more about our Adaptive Technology and how it can benefit you.

For more info, read the following PDFs:

Adaptive Technology from CMS

Adaptive Technology from CMS_Antares

Symmetrix & CMS CNC Technology: Composite Tooling Excellence

Symmetrix is one of the world’s leading composite tooling shops. Using CNC machining, the company turns their clients’ 3D computer design files into fully-machined surfaces, molds, and other precision products. Based in Bristol, Rhode Island, they are known across the globe for the high quality, high precision work they deliver. With the recent addition of a massive, custom CNC machining center from CMS North America, Symmetrix is able to provide their clients with greater precision and accuracy than ever before.

Composite Tooling for All Applications

In a relatively short amount of time, Symmetrix made a name for themselves as the go-to composite tooling provider for a wide range of industries. They’ve delivered custom composite work for clients ranging from the innovative aerospace company SpaceX to the luxury yacht maker Saber & Back Cove. Symmetrix has produced everything from 57-meter-long, multi-piece wind turbine blades and satellite communications dishes to high-performance Factory Five race cars and the World’s Largest Surfboard.

To achieve the tight tolerances their clients’ products require, Symmetrix has always utilized CNC machining. From day one, the company used a custom CNC system that, though slow, provided the accuracy and repeatability they required. After forming hundreds of thousands of surfaces with their original CNC center, however, Symmetrix realized they needed an upgrade to keep up with the growing demand for their services.

CMS Poseidon Hits the Mark

Before they became Symmetrix, the company was a branch of MouldCam. When the time came for a new CNC machining center, Symmetrix took a cue from their former corporate team and contacted CMS North America. In the past, CMS has provided CNC systems for MouldCam’s UK and Australian branches, and so Symmetrix was familiar with CMS’ capabilities.

In December 2013, Symmetrix and CMS North America finalized plans for a custom, 26-meter-long Poseidon CNC machining center. After a roughly six-month build process and two months of installation and assembly—and a move to a new, larger shop to accommodate the gargantuan machine—Symmetrix began working with their Poseidon. Now, in September 2015, the system has been in operation for nearly a year and has exceeded all expectations.

Although Symmetrix regularly machines truly gigantic components, there has rarely been a job that takes up the entire work envelope of their Poseidon system. The machining center is so large and so versatile that the company is often able to machine one project while safely setting up and prepping a second, completely different job inside the workspace.

A prime example of the power and precision of Symmetrix’s custom Poseidon CNC machining center is the above-mentioned World’s Largest Surfboard. The previous record holder was roughly 39 feet long, and took over 120 man-hours to shape by hand. Symmetrix made short work of the new board—at just over 42 feet long, it was completed in only 12 hours of CNC machining time. The improvements in accuracy and symmetry can be measured in orders of magnitude.


Symmetrix & CMS North America

So far, the Symmetrix team has been more than impressed with the performance of their new CMS North America CNC system, as well as the exceptional service and support CMSNA provides. Though Symmetrix’s Poseidon is a custom system, they like knowing that one phone call or email is all it will take to find OEM parts and in-depth troubleshooting assistance.

With significantly improved CNC machining capabilities for better efficiency and higher throughput, Symmetrix is in the perfect position to continue their growth in the market. For more information, visit

Symmetrix Surf Board / Largest Surf Board in the WorldSymmetrix Surf Board / Largest Surf Board in the WorldSymmetrix Surf Board / Largest Surf Board in the World

Symmetrix Surf Board / Largest Surf Board in the World

Symmetrix Surf Board / Largest Surf Board in the World

Tree of Life | CNC Technology | CMS NA

Tree of Life Sculpture at Milan Expo 2015

CMS CNC Macines for Timber Frame Processing

If you happen to travel to Milan, Italy, some time before October of this year, you might see a fantastic example of modern engineering. In the Italian Pavilion at EXPO 2015, you’ll see the “Tree of Life,” a 121-foot sculpture made from steel and wood laminate beams that weave around the ‘trunk’ and flare out into a twelve-pointed star at the top. The sculpture is in the center of Lake Arena, where water fountains provide an additional sparkle while colored lights provide a captivating glow.

CMS and the Tree of Life

Fixed Rails CNC Machining

Our CNC machines are capable of cutting wood laminate beams, like the ones that wrap around the trunk and form the branches of the Tree of Life. Take a closer look at the Tree of Life and you’ll see how precisely each beam is cut; CNC technologies are essential for achieving the kind of accu

racy necessary for replicating a design as intricate as this one. CMS is proud to acknowledge that one of our machines was used to craft this beautiful sculpture.

Other Notable Projects Made with CMS Machines

Another well-known example of prime engineering is the Alfa Romeo. Many of the Alfa Romeo’s parts are made on CMS machines. Alfa Romeo relies on our CNC machines for the same reason that the makers of the Tree of Life chose our machines: repeatability and precision. CMS has developed a wide array of CNC machines, which is why we are able to serve so many different industries, and machine so many different materials, including wooden beams, thermoplastics and much more.

CMSNA’s New Balestrini CNC Woodworking Systems

Introducing CMSNA’s New Balestrini CNC Woodworking Systems

If you’re looking for a state-of-the-art, high precision CNC woodworking machining center, look no further than CMS North America’s new Balestrini series. Available in Europe through our parent company, CMS SpA, since 2011, CMSNA is pleased to announce the addition of this line of innovative CNC systems to our product lineup.

Now available to the North American market for the first time, the Balestrini series includes both traditional, precision wood processing machinery and innovative CNC solutions such as 5-axis machining centers, gantry-type systems, compact mortise and tenon machines, and more. Our Balestrini systems are specially engineered for woodworking and wood processing applications of all kinds, from chair making to cabinet doors to musical instruments.

CMS’ Balestrini series provide unparalleled precision for even the most complex woodworking project, and fast, automated machining capabilities that will make short work of high volume production. The Balestrini series is divided into smaller “families” of machines that perform similar processes; the different families are designed to work together to form a complete, start-to-finish woodworking system.

From 1954 Italy to 2015 North America

The original Balestrini woodworking machine company was founded in 1954 by Renzo Balestrini. Mr. Balestrini’s first workshop was dedicated to constructing and repairing special woodworking machines, and in the decades since has grown into a leader in the industry, providing innovative solutions for chair makers and other specialized woodworking applications.

Balestrini became part of CMS SpA in 2011, enhancing our company’s commitment to the production of woodworking CNC systems. In the few years that CMS has been producing machining centers in the Balestrini series, we’ve developed numerous advancements, such as our T-CAS (Tool Collision Avoidance System) software, that further enhance the performance and precision of our CNC machining centers.

From trimming and cutting to milling and drilling to joinery work, there is almost no woodworking process that the Balestrini series can’t perform, bringing unparalleled precision and perfect repeatability to woodworking companies everywhere. For more information on CMS’ Balestrini CNC woodworking systems, click here.

CMS North America at IMTS

Join us at the 2014 International Manufacturing Trade Show on September 8-13! CMS North America will be one of 1900 companies at the McCormick Place complex in Chicago, Illinois demonstrating two of our most innovative CNC machines, the ARES Moving Bridge CNC Machining Center and the Idroline S Waterjet System.

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Video: CMS North America Corporate Support Overview

CMS North America has been a leader in CNC Solutions for the world market since 1981. We wanted to show what sets us apart from other manufacturers so we put together this video. Take a look and see how we combine the most advanced CNC technology with superior customer service.

Video: CMS Corporate Support Overview

Announcement: CMS North America Open House!

CMS Industries will be demonstrating its waterjet technology at IMTS 2014, but why wait?

Join us on August 20-21 at our North American headquarters in Grand Rapids, Michigan for a very special open house event.  We will be demonstrating our top of the line waterjet cutting machine, Idroline S, and you’ll also see CMS’ ARES 5 axis machining center working in conjunction with Idroline S for a collaboration on some interesting projects. Featured machine/machining center:

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CMSNA CNC Machining Videos: “We Know How”

At CMS North America, we offer state-of-the-art CNC machining centers aimed at delivering exceptional performance and a high degree of versatility. Whether we’re working with automaker Alfa Romeo on building the chassis of their new 4C sports car, cutting advanced material parts for the aerospace industry, working on alternative energy applications, and much more, CMSNA’s CNC systems offer drilling, cutting, and trimming capabilities that cannot be matched.

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