Trulite Glass & Aluminum orders 11 Brembana Vertec (Vertical Machining Technology) CNC’s from CMSNA

Looking to upgrade the CNC machining capabilities at several of their 28 locations throughout the United States and Canada, Trulite Glass & Aluminum Solutions turned to CMS North America. Ultimately, Trulite will be receiving 11 Brembana VERTEC CNC vertical machining centers, to be delivered in the first quarter of this year.

Trulite Glass & Aluminum Solutions is one of the largest fabricators of architectural glass and aluminum in North America. The company specializes in architectural aluminum, insulated units, mirrors, and tempered, laminated, and decorative glass components, all manufactured in-house by Trulite. To ensure that their products continue to meet the high standards of quality that customers have come to expect, Trulite knew they needed the best and most versatile CNC machining technology available. Having used our innovative CNC equipment in the past, they knew CMSNA was the place to get it.

Vertec Vertical Milling Machine

“Trulite locations throughout North American have had a very successful partnership in the past years with numerous CMS CNC machines already supporting our operations. We are excited to continue [that partnership] with these latest purchases,” said Trulite Executive Vice President Paul Mahedy. “Very competitive cycle times [and] ease of operator use, combined with the most efficient operating cost makes CMS CNC machines an ideal choice for Trulite. We look forward to our continued partnership with CMS Brembana.”

Our Brembana family of CNC systems are specially engineered for high speed, high precision production of glass pieces of all shapes and sizes. The Brembana line includes CNC machining centers, CNC glass cutting tables, and vertical CNC drill and milling machines, as well as integrated lines and customized systems.

Trulite’s VERTEC vertical mills will be installed and calibrated by CMS’ expert technicians to guarantee perfect accuracy, precision, and repeatability. Included with Trulite’s machining centers will be AutoCam software and SPM (Smart Production Manager) for the management of bar code, CNC, and data files, operator interaction, and overall machine supervision.

For more information about Trulite Glass & Aluminum Solutions, visit To learn more about CMS North America’s Brembana line of CNC glass machining centers, contact us today.

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CMS Delivers Innovative CNC Features for Aerospace Manufacturing

If you’re a manufacturer of, well, just about anything for aerospace, you know the importance of precision and repeatability. Few industries are subject to stricter regulations or higher expectations. As such, manufacturing any aerospace part or component, no matter how large or small, can present significant challenges. To meet the unique needs of aerospace OEMs and parts manufacturers, CMS Industries’ CNC machining centers include numerous innovative features you won’t find anywhere else.

Mobile Bridge Structures, Guide Rails & Beams

For manufacturers of large-scale aerospace components, and/or those who want to perform multiple machining processes simultaneously, many of CMS’ CNC systems are built with large work envelopes. To ensure high dynamic properties and superior accuracy in large operating spaces, our systems include specialized mobile bridge structures, guide rails, and structural beams.

CMS Mobile Bridge Structure

High-mounted guide rails on our mobile bridges provide the CNC tools with maximum accessibility to the workpiece. They also offer excellent modularity and make a very long X-axis possible, while minimizing the mass of the system’s moving parts (i.e., the beams).

Each CNC machining center’s beam—which moves along the guide rails and carries the workhead as it operates—is constructed as a single section. The most critical moving part for precision manufacturing, these beams feature a large center distance between their Y guides; this provides exceptional torsional rigidity for the entire assembly. For optimum rigidity, the weight of the beam is also critical. Our engineers specify light, hollow structures with stringers and ribs that provide high strength with low weight. Structural dimensioning is performed via FEA (finite element analysis) to achieve the perfect balance between rigidity and weight.

Engineered for Unparalleled Accuracy & Repeatability

With large-scale CNC machining centers such as these, maintaining accuracy and repeatability can be difficult. CMS Industries’ CNC systems are specially engineered to hold their tolerances and alignment and for easy adjustment should recalibration be required.

Our machining centers’ high-mounted guide rails feature double-adjustable shoulders to help compensate for any eventual settling of the machine’s foundation under its expansive X-axes, and the beam-and-rack system includes specially-designed mechanical couplings that provide reliable motion control. To counteract thermal expansion, should such a challenge present itself, actual measurements are acquired in real time by a system of thermal probes embedded in the machine, allowing the CNC system to perform automatic compensations.

All CMS CNC machining centers include state-of-the-art interfaces, direct encoders, and CNC drives from industry-leading providers. Our proprietary software offers advanced options for high speed machining with no loss of precision, accuracy, or repeatability. All mechanical components are manufactured in-house to ensure our own high standards of quality are met.

CMS designs, engineers, and manufactures the electrospindles for our CNC machining centers. We provide numerous options to give our customers the best solution for the material(s) with which they’ll be working.

The Right Solution for YOUR Machining Needs

CMS mobile bridge

CMS North America offers a range of CNC machining options for aerospace manufacturing. We have large format moving bridges, “standard” moving bridges, moving gantry systems, and moving table systems, as well as custom CNC machines.

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