Symmetrix & CMS CNC Technology: Composite Tooling Excellence

Symmetrix is one of the world’s leading composite tooling shops. Using CNC machining, the company turns their clients’ 3D computer design files into fully-machined surfaces, molds, and other precision products. Based in Bristol, Rhode Island, they are known across the globe for the high quality, high precision work they deliver. With the recent addition of a massive, custom CNC machining center from CMS North America, Symmetrix is able to provide their clients with greater precision and accuracy than ever before.

Composite Tooling for All Applications

In a relatively short amount of time, Symmetrix made a name for themselves as the go-to composite tooling provider for a wide range of industries. They’ve delivered custom composite work for clients ranging from the innovative aerospace company SpaceX to the luxury yacht maker Saber & Back Cove. Symmetrix has produced everything from 57-meter-long, multi-piece wind turbine blades and satellite communications dishes to high-performance Factory Five race cars and the World’s Largest Surfboard.

To achieve the tight tolerances their clients’ products require, Symmetrix has always utilized CNC machining. From day one, the company used a custom CNC system that, though slow, provided the accuracy and repeatability they required. After forming hundreds of thousands of surfaces with their original CNC center, however, Symmetrix realized they needed an upgrade to keep up with the growing demand for their services.

CMS Poseidon Hits the Mark

Before they became Symmetrix, the company was a branch of MouldCam. When the time came for a new CNC machining center, Symmetrix took a cue from their former corporate team and contacted CMS North America. In the past, CMS has provided CNC systems for MouldCam’s UK and Australian branches, and so Symmetrix was familiar with CMS’ capabilities.

In December 2013, Symmetrix and CMS North America finalized plans for a custom, 26-meter-long Poseidon CNC machining center. After a roughly six-month build process and two months of installation and assembly—and a move to a new, larger shop to accommodate the gargantuan machine—Symmetrix began working with their Poseidon. Now, in September 2015, the system has been in operation for nearly a year and has exceeded all expectations.

Although Symmetrix regularly machines truly gigantic components, there has rarely been a job that takes up the entire work envelope of their Poseidon system. The machining center is so large and so versatile that the company is often able to machine one project while safely setting up and prepping a second, completely different job inside the workspace.

A prime example of the power and precision of Symmetrix’s custom Poseidon CNC machining center is the above-mentioned World’s Largest Surfboard. The previous record holder was roughly 39 feet long, and took over 120 man-hours to shape by hand. Symmetrix made short work of the new board—at just over 42 feet long, it was completed in only 12 hours of CNC machining time. The improvements in accuracy and symmetry can be measured in orders of magnitude.


Symmetrix & CMS North America

So far, the Symmetrix team has been more than impressed with the performance of their new CMS North America CNC system, as well as the exceptional service and support CMSNA provides. Though Symmetrix’s Poseidon is a custom system, they like knowing that one phone call or email is all it will take to find OEM parts and in-depth troubleshooting assistance.

With significantly improved CNC machining capabilities for better efficiency and higher throughput, Symmetrix is in the perfect position to continue their growth in the market. For more information, visit

Symmetrix Surf Board / Largest Surf Board in the WorldSymmetrix Surf Board / Largest Surf Board in the WorldSymmetrix Surf Board / Largest Surf Board in the World

Symmetrix Surf Board / Largest Surf Board in the World

Symmetrix Surf Board / Largest Surf Board in the World