Collaborative Excellence: CMS & Minelli

In 1975, CMS provided Minelli Group with their first CNC machine. Known as Tecnolegno SPA at the time, Minelli put that CNC system to good use, turning out a wide range of the high quality wood products the company is famous for. Minelli’s CNC machining center, the first designed by CMS founder Pietro Aceti, served them well for nearly 40 years. In 2014, they replaced their original machine with CMS’ brand new Karat Triposto, the last system designed by Aceti before he passed away in January of that year.


Minelli: Excellence in Woodworking

Established in 1937 in Italy’s Brembana Valley, Minelli has made a name for itself worldwide in the highly competitive markets of functional and decorative carved wood products. Everything the company creates is designed and manufactured in close collaboration with their customers, to ensure the best results in quality and performance. Producing indoor and outdoor products—everything from boats to beer tap handles—Minelli’s talent for woodworking is recognized around the globe.

Complementing their unrivaled talent and enhancing the Italian-made quality of their products is the advanced CNC machining technology at Minelli’s disposal. In the forty years since we delivered that first CNC system, CMS has provided roughly 90 percent of the CNC and manufacturing equipment Minelli uses in their daily operations.

With a recent boom in orders from European and North American clients, Minelli realized they were due for an upgrade. They needed a high precision CNC system that could provide fully automatic operation and high speed production capabilities without breaking the bank. As before, Minelli turned to CMS.


CMS Karat Triposto

The CMS Karat Triposto

Through collaborative R&D and the careful study of the close relationship between form and function—both of our CNC systems and Minelli’s wood products—CMS and Minelli developed a custom-configured Karat Triposto system that meets their unique manufacturing requirements. Minelli’s Karat Triposto provides a high level of automation with automatic workpiece loading and unloading for the fast, efficient, high-volume production of complex products.CMS’ Karat series of CNC machines are characterized by their fixed-bridge designs and are available with 3-, 4-, or 5-axis machining capabilities. Available in more than 200 configurable versions, Karat models are ideal for a wide range of applications. Our Karat CNC machining centers are the global gold standard for performance, versatility, and reliability.

Thanks to the new Karat CNC machining center, Minelli can continue their tradition of high quality carved wood products and further strengthen their standing in the marketplace. The company continues to make its production chain more dynamic and competitive, without sacrificing the quality that makes them who they are. With the Karat Triposto, Minelli has improved their output and reduced waste (of both material and man-hours) while enhancing their precision manufacturing capabilities


40 Years & Counting

Over the past four decades, both CMS and Minelli have grown substantially, following a somewhat parallel path to success. Both companies have evolved their respective capabilities and developed new products and solutions to meet the needs of customers all over the world.

Minelli now operates out of five production sites in Europe and the United States, with over 30,000 square meters of total production space. CMS, with four unique branches and global sales and service networks, has become a world leader in CNC technology.

Together, CMS and Minelli continue to strive for perfection, to innovate, and to improve. We look forward to another forty years and beyond.

Tree of Life | CNC Technology | CMS NA

Tree of Life Sculpture at Milan Expo 2015

CMS CNC Macines for Timber Frame Processing

If you happen to travel to Milan, Italy, some time before October of this year, you might see a fantastic example of modern engineering. In the Italian Pavilion at EXPO 2015, you’ll see the “Tree of Life,” a 121-foot sculpture made from steel and wood laminate beams that weave around the ‘trunk’ and flare out into a twelve-pointed star at the top. The sculpture is in the center of Lake Arena, where water fountains provide an additional sparkle while colored lights provide a captivating glow.

CMS and the Tree of Life

Fixed Rails CNC Machining

Our CNC machines are capable of cutting wood laminate beams, like the ones that wrap around the trunk and form the branches of the Tree of Life. Take a closer look at the Tree of Life and you’ll see how precisely each beam is cut; CNC technologies are essential for achieving the kind of accu

racy necessary for replicating a design as intricate as this one. CMS is proud to acknowledge that one of our machines was used to craft this beautiful sculpture.

Other Notable Projects Made with CMS Machines

Another well-known example of prime engineering is the Alfa Romeo. Many of the Alfa Romeo’s parts are made on CMS machines. Alfa Romeo relies on our CNC machines for the same reason that the makers of the Tree of Life chose our machines: repeatability and precision. CMS has developed a wide array of CNC machines, which is why we are able to serve so many different industries, and machine so many different materials, including wooden beams, thermoplastics and much more.

CMSNA’s New Balestrini CNC Woodworking Systems

Introducing CMSNA’s New Balestrini CNC Woodworking Systems

If you’re looking for a state-of-the-art, high precision CNC woodworking machining center, look no further than CMS North America’s new Balestrini series. Available in Europe through our parent company, CMS SpA, since 2011, CMSNA is pleased to announce the addition of this line of innovative CNC systems to our product lineup.

Now available to the North American market for the first time, the Balestrini series includes both traditional, precision wood processing machinery and innovative CNC solutions such as 5-axis machining centers, gantry-type systems, compact mortise and tenon machines, and more. Our Balestrini systems are specially engineered for woodworking and wood processing applications of all kinds, from chair making to cabinet doors to musical instruments.

CMS’ Balestrini series provide unparalleled precision for even the most complex woodworking project, and fast, automated machining capabilities that will make short work of high volume production. The Balestrini series is divided into smaller “families” of machines that perform similar processes; the different families are designed to work together to form a complete, start-to-finish woodworking system.

From 1954 Italy to 2015 North America

The original Balestrini woodworking machine company was founded in 1954 by Renzo Balestrini. Mr. Balestrini’s first workshop was dedicated to constructing and repairing special woodworking machines, and in the decades since has grown into a leader in the industry, providing innovative solutions for chair makers and other specialized woodworking applications.

Balestrini became part of CMS SpA in 2011, enhancing our company’s commitment to the production of woodworking CNC systems. In the few years that CMS has been producing machining centers in the Balestrini series, we’ve developed numerous advancements, such as our T-CAS (Tool Collision Avoidance System) software, that further enhance the performance and precision of our CNC machining centers.

From trimming and cutting to milling and drilling to joinery work, there is almost no woodworking process that the Balestrini series can’t perform, bringing unparalleled precision and perfect repeatability to woodworking companies everywhere. For more information on CMS’ Balestrini CNC woodworking systems, click here.