Artemis Racing, CMS & the America’s Cup

Artemis Racing is a professional sailing team, founded in 2006 by Torbjörn Törnqvist. A successful businessman and passionate sailor, Törnqvist originally named his first racing boat after the Greek goddess of the hunt, before adopting the moniker for his entire racing team.

After early successes in the MedCup circuit, the TP52 World Championship, and RC44 Championship, Törnqvist felt that Artemis Racing was ready to undertake the ultimate challenge in competitive sailing: The America’s Cup. With a victory in the upcoming 35th America’s Cup, scheduled for 2017 in Bermuda, Artemis Racing would bring the oldest trophy in international sport to Sweden, Törnqvist’s home country, for the first time.

Yachting’s most coveted prize, the America’s Cup was first contested in 1851, predating the modern Olympics by nearly half a century. The race was originally organized by Great Britain’s Prince Albert to showcase British technology and excellence during the Great Exhibition. A group of New York businessmen in the America, having sailed the schooner across the Atlantic Ocean, won a race around the Isle of Wight, besting the next closest competitor by over eight minutes. The trophy was then named after the victorious vessel, the race has been called “The America’s Cup” ever since.

In its 160-plus year history, only four countries—the United States, Australia, New Zealand, and Switzerland—have won the trophy. Only eight cities have previously hosted the event, Bermuda being the ninth. Durations between contests has varied considerably throughout the years: almost two decades separated the first and second runnings, while others have taken place in back-to-back-to-back years.

The America’s Cup has always been a race driven by technology—a boat’s design can play as big a factor in victory as its crew. As such, carbon fiber has become the construction material of choice for modern racing yachts. To ensure that every piece of their boat is perfect, Artemis Racing has started using CMS’ CNC equipment to machine the carbon fiber parts and components they need.

CNC Ares Moving Bridge

Artemis Racing utilizes an Ares moving bridge CNC system to create dagger foils, hull components, wing sails, and more. The Ares’ large work envelope is well-suited to the cutting and machining of these oversized parts, and CMS’ advanced CNC technology guarantees that each piece matches the design specifications exactly.

The nature of America’s Cup competition and the ongoing struggle to be the best boat on the water leads Artemis Racing to constantly revise and refine their designs. CMS’ CNC technology enables Artemis Racing’s engineers to produce newly-redesigned components quickly and easily, so they can be tested in racing scenarios and evaluated for further revisions.

In late March of this year, America’s Cup organizers made a significant rule change for the upcoming competition, throwing a wrench into the plans of Artemis Racing and other competitors. In an effort to reduce costs, and thereby open the field to new teams, the established AC62 boat class (62-foot foiling catamarans) was replaced with the new “America’s Cup Class” of wing-sailed, foiling catamarans measuring between 45 and 50 feet in length.

As Artemis Racing had already done extensive work on their 62-footer, the rule change has them working tirelessly to develop new designs. Thanks to their CMS 5-axis CNC system, the Artemis Racing team can react quickly to their engineers’ design changes, as well as those of their competitors. This gives Artemis Racing a competitive advantage they hope will help them claim the Auld Mug in 2017.

Artemis Boat CNC

In addition to our “genuinely great machines,” Artemis Racing’s Build Manager Mark Allanson says they have also benefitted from CMS North America’s outstanding technical service and support. Our experts on the CMS team are “very helpful, very passionate, and very knowledgeable.” He also praised our fast, efficient customer support team, stating that every question his crew has posed thus far has been answered and that solutions to new problems are found quickly.

CMS North America is proud to be a part of Artemis Racing’s quest for the America’s Cup and a place in international sporting history. We wish them the best of luck in the 2017 event and beyond.

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