Vetrodomus: An Old Glass Company Embraces New Technology

CMS Brembana CNC Machine for Glass Cutting

An employee cuts glass at the Vetrodomus facility with the CMS Brembana.

Vetrodomus is one of Europe’s leading structural glass manufacturers. Located in Brescia, Italy, Vetrodomus has more than 45 years of experience in the industry, and relies on CMS technology to meet the demands of its customers. Thanks to its reputation and position in the industry, Vetrodomus has developed partnerships with customers in a range of industries, including railroads, naval and construction. Because these clients need glass that conforms to strict standards, Vetrodomus makes use of several CMS glass processing machines, all of which are designed to deliver quality and precision.

Brembana DELTAPROFILE 6000

The Deltaprofile 6000 is a vertical glass processing machine that processes glass sheets with remarkable speed and precision. Moreover, the machine is extremely efficient: it can be operated by just a single person. The process is very simple. The operator scans a bar code and the machine automatically switches to the program designed for that specific type of glass. Programming is simple also; all the operator needs to do is create and upload a .dfx file with a layer for each process. The file can be uploaded from anywhere. The Deltaprofile 6000 operates in a continuous production cycle, eliminating downtime and maximizing efficiency.

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Case Study: Reval Stone

CNC Stone Cutting Machine

Reval Stone is one of the oldest limestone quarrying and processing companies in Estonia. Since 1958, Reval Stone has furnished stone to clients throughout the Baltic States.

CMS was the first company to develop CNC technology specifically for the stone cutting industry. CMS CNC machines are incredibly versatile, which makes them useful for manufacturing wide range of products. With the help of CMS technologies, Reval Stone manufactures a wide selection of stone products, including:

  • Architectural elements: Facades, chimney bricks, cornices, stairs
  • Internal and external decorative elements: Fireplaces, kitchen vanity tops, window sills
  • Landscaping: Stepping stones, fences, patio bricks
  • Other: gravestones

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