CMS Tecnocut’s Idroline Waterjet Systems A Perfect Fit for Tenaris & R4T

Tenaris Dalmine is Italy’s leading manufacturer of seamless steel pipes, serving customers in energy, automotive, and other industries. The company’s products range in size from 12 millimeters to 711 millimeters in diameter. Tenaris produces up to 950,000 tons of finished product per year.

R4T (Ready For Test) is a manufacturing company that specializes in producing custom test tubes and similar products for mechanical, chemical, or other testing purposes. Based in Italy, the company provides clients around the world with test samples that meet international standards as well as the customer’s requirements.

Both companies found themselves in need of powerful, versatile new machining solutions for their production facilities. And both wisely chose CMS Tecnocut’s Idroline waterjet cutting systems.

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