Differences in Waterjet Pump Technology

Waterjet cutting systems are extremely versatile, able to produce high precision parts at high production speeds and capable of machining both hard materials—such as granite—and soft materials—like rubber—with equal accuracy using the same cutting process.

Waterjet systems rely on ultra high pressure water (up to 60,000 PSI) to cut the material at hand. To achieve this pressure, one of several different water pump technologies may be used.

CNC Crankshaft Pumps

Crankshaft Pumps

Crankshaft water pumps, also known as direct drive pumps, use alternating pistons to pressurize water. These pistons are connected to a crankshaft, which is itself connected to an electric motor via a belt. Ultimately, this type of pressure pump operates like an extremely high-powered version of a standard pressure washer.

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