New Year Bring New Year’s Resolutions

CNC Machine Education

We at CMS are no different than anyone else. As the New Year rolls around we reflect on last year and see what we did well and what we can do better for the coming New Year. My personal resolution is to reignite my passion for learning and teaching.  CMS acquired a new piece of metrology equipment last year: a Leica 402 laser tracker.  While this piece of equipment will simplify our measurement and recording capabilities it also is a very complex and powerful device.  Kinda like a rocket launcher, aimed and fired carefully it can protect your troops and cause little collateral damage, but fired haphazardly it can make a heck of a mess. The point is, I have a lot to learn and need to understand the strengths and weaknesses of this new system to be able to use its potential.

The other half of my resolution is teaching.  While I’m not a PhD or the ultimate authority on just about anything, I have been a technician for over 30 years in some pretty high level fields. I’ve also been described as inquisitive so I’ve found myself in the position of developing new and alternative methods for many things. Something I’m very proud of. Finding new, hopefully better, methods also includes teaching these methods to others.

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CMS & Oracle Racing: A Winning Team

Oracle team USA

In preparation for the 33rd America’s Cup in 2010, Oracle Racing utilized CMS’ advanced CNC machining technology to manufacture composite material parts for the AC45-class trimaran yacht, the USA 17. CMS is proud to have been an official supplier for what would prove to be the Cup-winning boat, as Team Oracle defeated the defending Swiss team, Alinghi, 2-0.

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