CNC Machines – The Effects of Acceleration/Deceleration

Let’s talk about acceleration! One of the simple joys of life. Whether it’s in Grandpa’s ’68 Nova or the catapult at the county fair, it’s fun stuff! At least it is for me; it makes my wife cry!

CNC Machining acceleration

For a CNC, and my wife, it’s, their worst nightmare.

CNC Machine acceleration and deceleration

Types of Acceleration

There are two types of acceleration we need to talk about. Linear acceleration and lateral acceleration. Linear acceleration is acceleration in a straight line. Like the intended direction of a top fuel dragster. Lateral acceleration is the acceleration around a corner or sometimes referred to as lateral force or in automotive terms, cornering forces.  Many times these forces will be measured in “G” forces. One “G” refers to the force of gravity. As an example, when you first step on to an elevator, assuming it’s not moving, you “weigh” 1G.  If the elevator goes up you feel yourself being pushed down slightly. Once the elevator reaches full speed everything is normal again.  On the flip side of that is if the elevator starts down you get that little butterfly feeling of reduced weight. But once the full speed is reached you weigh the same again.

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