EOS Machine: A CNC Solution for Root Blade Machining and Energy Generation

The accurate processing of wind turbine blade roots is a key factor in reducing rework and maintenance, and in increasing the working life of the turbine itself when it comes to root blade machining for the wind energy generation industry. Drilling and milling of blade roots are fundamental requirements in the mechanical assembly of the blade, and the level of precision has a major influence on the operation of the entire wind turbine.

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Methods of our Madness in Measurement: Procedures and Techniques in Calibration

axis freedom of movementIt All Starts with Understanding “CUZ!”

Sometimes I, The Master Blaster, The Exalted One (also known by other, less lofty titles), am asked, “Why the heck are you doing that that way”! I usually answer most emphatically, “CUZ!” The reply almost certainly is “CUZ WHY?” Then I respond, “CUZ I want to,” and away we go. After we have finally exhausted all our attempts to out “CUZ” each other, we get down to the whats and whys of what we do.
The question that is being asked here is how do we go about calibrating a machine and how do we decide on the settings to make the machine do what we need it to do. For example, if we are going to calibrate an X axis for linear positioning, how far apart do we need to set our measurement points?  The answer is of course, it depends. Hence, “CUZ.” It depends on what we need to produce. If we’re trimming plastic flashing off the rim of a thermoformed 5-gallon bucket, we don’t need to be as accurate as if we were making parts for the Mars Lander.

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