CMSNA CNC Machining Videos: “We Know How”

At CMS North America, we offer state-of-the-art CNC machining centers aimed at delivering exceptional performance and a high degree of versatility. Whether we’re working with automaker Alfa Romeo on building the chassis of their new 4C sports car, cutting advanced material parts for the aerospace industry, working on alternative energy applications, and much more, CMSNA’s CNC systems offer drilling, cutting, and trimming capabilities that cannot be matched.

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Ups and Downs, In and Outs and Longs and Shorts of Encoders

CNC Machine Encoders

There are many kinds of encoders and feedback devices. There are resolvers, encoders, glass scales, interferometer scales, inductive scales, capacitive scales, pulse coders, rotary-linear encoders, and even mechanical-hydraulic encoders.  There are temperature specific scales and zero temperature scales. Each type of scale has its specific application and price. Also any type of scale can only perform at its best if installed, adjusted and maintained correctly.

As the senior technician of CMS’s metrology and calibration department I am sometimes called upon to figure out why “funny” things happen during positioning of an axis.  This last week was a prime example.

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