Metrology: The Tools, Terms, and Essential Concepts

CMS North America’s Quality Assurance and Calibration expert, Marty Sutten, helps prepare you for a discussion on Metrology by discussing the tools, terms, and essential concepts in this month’s CMS North America blog …

Check C Axis Machine Straightness

Setup for checking C Axis Plane Parallel to XY plane.

We started off our newsletter technical section with a bang last month. What I would like to do this month is set up a preview of what to expect for next year. There are a lot of topics to discuss and I have built up some good stories over the last 30 years to share with you.

We are going to delve into the idiosyncrasies of machine tool calibration and the equipment needed or not needed to give yourself a good and accurate machine. We will immerse ourselves in the many types of motion control including motors, drives, bearings, and slides. Feedback devices from encoders, resolvers, and glass scales, to magnetic scales and inductive scales, and even interferometric scales. We will see how analog is different from digital and why there is open loop and closed loop systems. What is a master slave system and if a syncro motor system is needed.

Once we have been exposed to the various systems we will then discuss how these systems are integrated. How they are matched to the application and how we make these darn things so accurate. Compensation tables will be dissected and the how, where ,and why we do what we do will become a little clearer to everyone. Standards such as ASME and JIS and ISO and their histories will be brought to your attention.

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