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Photo Of Composite Material Used At CNC Machining Center - CMS North AmericaMachining Aluminum & Composite Materials

 CMS North America’s CNC machining centers utilize advanced technology and numerous innovative features to deliver high speed, high precision machining for aluminum and composite materials. We manufacture a full line of CNC systems, all engineered for superior performance and accuracy. Follow the links below for additional information.
Antares: The Antares moving bridge is a robust, 5-axis CNC milling and machining center designed to deliver big performance in a compact footprint. Its rigid structure and monobloc frame help achieve exceptional accuracy when machining aluminum and composite materials. Antares provides a high performance acceleration/deceleration design on its X and Y axes for the fastest possible CNC controlled motion.
Ares: A highly versatile CNC machining and milling center, the Ares moving bridge combines high precision 5-axis capabilities with a rigid monobloc frame structure that improves accuracy and stability. An automatic, pneumatic braking system locks axis movement when B or C axis interpolation is not needed, giving the system valuable rigidity for even greater precision, a standard feature which all of CMS’ 5 axis units come with. Numerous worktable options are available for faster production and nonstop work cycles.
MBB: The MBB machining system is specially engineered for high speed machining. An array of 3-, 4-, and 5-axis working heads are available to provide exceptional precision in any application. To increase productivity and promote operator safety, several materials handling options are available. CMSNA’s patented ring pressing device added to the MBB is perfect for machining parts from stacked aluminum sheets—it saves times and improves product quality by eliminating the need for manual handwork after machining.
Cronus: The Cronus moving bridge is ideal for high volume production of aluminum and composite materials. This high speed, 5-axis CNC machining center includes structural components and double-opposing servo drives on each axis to nullify deformation caused by weight and stress. The Cronus’ unique Torque-5 work head and linear and rotary axis scales further improve precision. Numerous options are available for work envelope size, work tables, and fixtures.
Cronus K: This compact, high powered CNC milling and machining center provides all the features of the standard Cronus in a monobloc frame with a compact work envelope, making it ideal for smaller facilities. The versatile, high precision Cronus K features the Torque-5 5-axis machining head, which is capable of exceptionally fast acceleration and machining speeds up to 24,000 RPM.
Easyline Waterjet: The Tecnocut Easyline CNC machining center is a highly accurate, affordable, entry-level waterjet cutting machine. This 3-axis abrasive waterjet system provides a large work envelope and can machine aluminum and composite materials with outstanding precision. Standard CNC positioning features automatically move the cutting head to the ideal height above the workpiece for improved accuracy. A Windows-based control interface makes the Easyline very easy to use.
EOS: Specially engineered for machining and milling wind turbine blades, the EOS CNC system delivers superior precision, high productivity, and perfect repeatability. Single or double high-powered 5-axis work heads allow for multiple, independent production cycles. An automatic blade alignment feature adjusts the CNC programming to the actual position of the blade for guaranteed accuracy and reliability. Full enclosures and suction hoods on each cutting head provide a cleaner and safer work environment.
FXB: This fixed bridge, moving table vertical machining center can be configured with single or double tables for nonstop machining and with one or more 3-, 4-, or 5-axis cutting heads for versatile, high precision performance. The FXB CNC system can also be programmed to perform multiple machining processes simultaneously and independently for high volume production. The FXB is available with CMS’ patented ring pressing device, which substantially reduces cost and increases productivity when machining parts from stacked aluminum sheets.
Idea Waterjet: The Idea is a state-of-the-art CNC waterjet cutting system. It is the first large-format waterjet system with a 5-axis cutting head with continuous height following, and the first with active features for controlling the speed and kerf of the jet. Our Jetpower EVO pressure intensifier ensures consistent pressure for superior cutting performance and maximum reliability in even the most demanding machining applications.
Idroline S Waterjet: With a 5-axis cutting head for extraordinary precision and versatility, and a fully isolated cutting environment for operator safety and noise reduction, the Idroline is a technologically superior CNC waterjet cutting machine. Multiple machining heads can be added for greater productivity. CMS’ proprietary Tecnocam CAM software and a Windows-based control interface make the Idroline exceptionally easy to use. 
Milestone Waterjet: The Milestone CNC waterjet cutting center was designed for high productivity. It provides the basic essentials needed for precision machining in a safe working environment. Milestone’s Intelligent Kerf Control (IKC) feature eliminates unwanted tapered edges, and the Jetpower EVO pressure intensifier provides consistent pressure for reliable, repeatable cutting performance. The advanced machine controls are optimized for easy and efficient system management.
Monofast: Engineered specifically for machining eyeglass frames, shields, and masks from aluminum and composite materials, the Monofast CNC machining center delivers outstanding power, flexibility, and productivity. It features a sleek, compact design, an integrated dust extraction system, and easy programming via standard PC. Full automation and an automatic material feed system allow for “lights out” unmanned operation.
MX5: Designed for processing composite materials and engineered plastics, the MX5 can work in 5 or 6 interpolated axes for maximum accuracy, quality, and versatility. Its mobile bridge structure promotes even greater accuracy and makes the loading of materials and unloading of finished parts easier. MX5 is also available in a monobloc basement version providing enhanced sturdiness and stiffness for even the most demanding machining projects.
Poseidon: The Poseidon 5-axis CNC machining center is designed for large part production. The mobile bridge system combines an impressively large work envelope with the high rigidity and stability required for high precision machining in aluminum and composite materials. Optional linear scales can be utilized to nearly double its machining accuracy. The Poseidon moving bridge is available with optional dual work zones for nonstop, pendulous work cycles.
Poseidon K: A small-scale version of the Poseidon, the Poseidon K CNC milling and machining system delivers the same outstanding precision and performance in a compact, monobloc structure. The 5-axis machine head provides the versatility and accuracy needed for high speed, high volume aluminum and composite materials machining.
Waterspeedy: The quick and versatile Waterspeedy CNC waterjet cutting system is ideal for machining flexible materials such as composites. Options for multiple 5-axis cutting heads (as many as 10) and an automatic pallet change system offer high productivity capabilities. Our patented Jetpower EVO pressure intensifier and IKC (Intelligent Kerf Control) systems ensure superior precision, reliability, and repeatability. Windows-based system control hardware and software provides easy management of all functions