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Photo Of A CNC Machining Company Building - CMS North America

CMS Industries World Headquarters – Advanced Materials, Wood, Stone, Glass, Tecnocut & Balestrini Divisions


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Photo Of A CNC Machining Center Building - CMS North America

CMS North America Corporate Headquarters

CMS North America, established in 1987, following its introduction in the US market in 1981, expanded its presence in the North American market with over 1400 CNC machining centers and systems installed throughout the Unites States, Canada, and Mexico. These machining centers, helping to drive the production of North America’s leading companies, are delivered from CMS’ five industrial divisions: Advanced Materials, Wood, Stone, Glass and Waterjet. Its staff of 40+ professional sales, technicians, parts and administrative personnel represent a long term investment for the market and a deep resource for its customers:
  • the average technician’s tenure being 12+ years,
  • a parts department which has a lengthy practical experience, as well as thousands of unique parts in stock with a value of $3.5+ million, and
  • sales and technical experts trained, updated and knowledgeable in CMS’ methodologies, offerings, and most recent technologies

CMS North America - Corporate Support Overview

Wood Division


From the beginning CMS North America gained a ready reception in the Wood market with its unique and powerful solutions for America’s woodworking manufacturers, providing not only basic CNC machining centers equipped with a:

  • multitude of linear spindles,
  • drilling units,
  • piggy back heads,
  • combined working groups,
  • aggregates, and even more,

but in addition high technology solutions characterized by its many patented and unpatented unique concepts including its:

  • revolver machining technology, with high speed tool changing,
  • even stacked revolvers,
  • 4th axis aggregates,
  • 4th axis floating head technology,
  • probing technology for finding, locating, scaling, and rotating CNC programs for table joints, veneer faces,
  • and much more
Stone Division


Stone cutting machines with revolutionary CNC machining capabilities emerged in the US market in 1986 when CMS North America introduced its Brembana trademark on CNC machining centers with the sale of the 1st CNC machining center in the US Stone Industry delivered to its customer Fordham Marble. From which point Brembana has continued its market dominance by providing high quality and reliability for stone manufacturers in:

... with a host of new specialized and patented technology including:
  • countertop corner cutting without waterjet,
  • Vertical Nesting Technology (VNT)—for cutting and completing of all machining operations for a slab of stone in one placement, eliminating the need of separating and reprocessing individual pieces, etc…
Glass Division


CMS North America introduced its Glass cutting equipment line of CNC machining centers in the late 1990’s providing a complete line of specialized CNC processing equipment for American manufacturers including:

  • cutting tables,
  • edger’s,
  • complete glass cutting lines, and
... with its own list of patented capabilities including:
  • thin glass nonlinear beveled edge profiling without the need of hard templates,
  • compact shower doors and store fixture glass produced in a fully automatic line,
  • special offerings for houses and construction, automotive, and commercial applications
Advanced Materials Division

Aluminum & Composite Materials

By 2002 CMS North America introduced its range of CNC machining centers for Aluminum & Composite Materials, in which it was pleased to provide its first large format 5-axis CNC machining center to Scaled Composites, manufacturer and supplier of high end aeronautical and aviation products, but also noted for its pioneering work in the engineering, design and building of SpaceShipOne, the first privately funded project to accomplish human space flight and earth re-entry twice within a two week period, followed by its work on GlobalFlyer, the first vehicle to achieve a solo, nonstop, flight around the world in just over 67 hours.

  • CMS’ large format machining centers entered not only the top aerospace companies in the USA, but around the world, and in addition such solutions were perfectly adapted for
  • The entire range of mold, and model making manufacturers’ requirements
  • CMS’ new innovations provided much needed and patented technology for areas like:
    • aluminum stack sheet cutting – completely eliminating the need for the traditional manual processes,
    • 5-axis dust collection solutions, at the machining head and for the entire machine,
      - finding true surfaces in real-time and routing holes with countersinks, though they be irregular, such as wing surfaces,
    • FTS (Flexible Table System) CMS’ flexibly CNC controlled setup table for wing surfaces or other non-linear 3D surfaces, and much more…
  • Advanced Materials incorporates the diverse needs of the following industrial groups:
Metals (Waterjet)

Metals (Waterjet)

CMS added Tecnocut Waterjets to its range of industrial CNC machining center solutions in the early 2000's. Tecnocut, recognized for more than 25 years as one of Europe's leading Waterjet manufacturers, provides waterjet CNC cutting solutions in conjunction with CMS' CNC machining centers, and also incorporates its waterjet cutting design, engineering, and manufacturing capabilities, from the pumps to the tip, throughout a broad range of its own CNC solutions for specific waterjet cutting applications.

Customer Phone Support

Customer Technical Support System

From the beginning CMS North America recognized the need for strong, consistent, customer support and introduced its:

  • 24/7/365 phone support system in the mid 1990’s, by which customers can enter their machine serial number and password to receive around the clock support for machine emergencies,
  • along with parts support, where emergency shipping is possible,
  • supported by CMS’ special customer call logging system, which provides email communication of the original request and status information to the company’s management and support personnel
Technical Support

CMS North America's dedicated Spindle repair facility

In addition, since the heart of each machine is its specialized powerful working unit, in 2002 CMS North America launched its own high precision and certified spindle repair facility, equipped with the same high precision equipment as CMS Italy, along with:

  • a fully certified technical staff for spindle repair or refurbishing, providing the highest quality work along with a pro-rated warranty to make certain the customer knows they’ve received back a reliable spindle
  • CMS’ spindle support plan, in which the customer need never be down due to a spindle failure with CMS’ “spindle on your shelf” program, in which a new spindle is shipped out overnight, the defective one repaired for 15% of the cost of the new spindle, covered with a 12 month pro-rated warranty and returned to the customer’s shelf, always ready to go, and not on CMS’ shelf, where it does the customer no good
CMS Industries World Headquarters

CMS Industries World Headquarters

Founded in 1969, CMS SpA heads up CMS Industries:

  • a brand name that brings together 4 companies,
  • with a turnover of $140+ million,
  • 4 subsidiaries and a worldwide sales network

CMS Industries’ products cover the diverse manufacturing technologies of:

  • CNC machining centers,
  • thermoforming machines,
  • Glass & Stone Cutting Equipment
  • CNC cutting robots,
  • waterjet systems,
  • CNC Mills & Routers

and provide them with:

  • space shuttles,
  • military and civil aircraft,
  • Formula 1 cars,
  • competition and road vehicles,
  • America’s Cup boats and yachts,
  • wind power generators, and
  • join together high quality processing and precision,
  • a studied technology based on the customer’s needs, covering multiple production phases, yet optimized for individual processes