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5 Axis Machining Centers

  • 5 Axis Machining Centers
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CMS North America is a manufacturer of state of the art 5 axis machining centers used in modern machine shops and metal fabricators for all manner of CNC machining applications. CMS 5 axis  CNC machines and machining centers are preferred for their quality, flexibility, and performance.

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CMS North America’s 5 axis machining center solutions include the following 5 axis CNC machine products, all containing an impressive array of features:

The pursuit of freedom and flexibility in machining equipment, the desire to eliminate multiple work holding placements, the advancement of engineering technology, electronics and software, led from the vertical machining center’s emergence to the development of the machining center’s full range of freedom and flexibility with the introduction of 5 axis CNC machine technology. 5 axis machining technology is commonly based on the concept of the articulated head, which replicates the movement of the human wrist in the articulation of the machining spindle at the end of the quill, providing the freedom to rotate about its axis and to incline in relation to it, and to which is combined the basic 3 axis movement of the machining center yielding a full, free and flexible CNC movement. Other combinations of axes are also available including CNC controlled rotating tables, rotating lathes, special aggregates for the spindles, concurrent machining of multiple 5 axis heads, combinations of machining heads and other technologies such as water jet.

CMS’ experience in 5 axis CNC technology is deep when considering its early leadership in the introduction of 5 axis machining technology which provided complex 5 axis machining operations using multiple concurrent 5 axis CNC machining head processes from as early as 1985.

Today’s 5 axis processing operations also require the availability of additional supporting technology, all of which CMS provides such as: special probing capabilities, mechanical copying equipment, high velocity dust extraction technology at the machining head, high speed machining rates coupled with very high rpm spindle applications., etc.

The range of the CNC machining center’s application continues to quickly expand; meaning that the 5 axis machining center is quickly becoming the default new terminology of our day, in the same way that the milling machine was of a previous day.