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CNC Machining Centers in Caledonia, MI

North American presence of CMS Industries, OEM, ISO 9001:2001 Certified, and leading worldwide supplier of solution-oriented, high performance CNC machining center technology including 5 axis CNC machines and high performance waterjet cutting systems. 

CMS North America is the North American presence of CMS Industries, OEM, leading worldwide supplier of the most advanced solution oriented technology, including 5-axis CNC machines and high-performance waterjet cutting systems. We manufacture top-line performance systems for a variety of different industries.

About CMS

At CMS, we use the most advanced software and machines to create innovative technologies specific to your company's needs. We have over 45 years experience in designing complex machinery, giving us a vast knowledge base that is always growing. We also offer preventative maintenance programs, both advanced and basic training programs, and 24/7 technical phone support from our highly experienced support team.

Machining By Material

Aluminum & Composite Materials

We provide drilling and cutting of calendared and extruded aluminum, and our patented stacked aluminum machining process eliminates the need for tedious handwork, creating uniform pieces no matter the size of the part. We also work in composite materials including carbon fiber and fiberglass—providing the technological know-how to machine difficult materials which increase strength while decreasing weight.


CMS provides 3- and 5-axis CNC wood routers and a team of dedicated CNC wood machining experts. We have served thousands of woodworkers and wood product manufacturers.


CMS was the first manufacturer in the world to develop CNC stone cutting machines under the name Brembana, and we have been providing stone cutting equipment in the United States since 1985. Our technology has been used to manufacture countertops, showers, columns, headstones, statues, to carry out engraving work, and more.


We provide machines which carry out precision cutting of glass, including flat glass, commercial glass, and safety glass for automotive purposes, both laminated (windshield) and tempered (side and back window).


Due to their unending versatility and low cost, plastics continue to grow as one of the most popular materials used in manufacturing. Whether you are working in PVC, nylon, polypropylene, or any other plastic, we can rout, drill, and cut it to your company's specific purposes.

Metals/Materials (Waterjet)

Waterjet cutting has been an effective method for processing metal, stone, and more since its introduction in 1962. CMS Tecnocut waterjet cutting division has been a leader in waterjet cutting systems since 1992.

Solid Wood (Balestrini Series)

Named after woodworking pioneer Renzo Balestrini (and was incorporated as a division into CMS in 2011), the Balestrini line has been at the forefront of solid woodworking processes and is used in the creation of products such as door frames, tables, gunstocks, musical equipment, sports equipment, and much more.


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Application on CNC machining in specific major industries and their many subsectors:

A merger of technologies for a high performance world

Connect with CMS through the CMSNA blog and its user online parts and service request system, learn from CMS training videos, and access CMS' knowledge database for users.

Make a request to CMS for specific information on a particular application, 5 axis CNC machine, or request to have a meeting with one of CMS' Sales Engineers.

CMS — basics for success

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Behind CMS’ solid solutions lie its proven application methodology, engineering and support, assuring that project expectations are met.

  • remember it’s what’s going out the back door that matters: CNC machines need to solve problems, product needs to move out the back door
  • the things that “drive manufacturing nuts” are typically where the real money is going—listen, gather these elements into a solution and—a winner for everyone
  • well engineered machines that last, with good Preventive Maintenance, basic and advanced user training programs
  • CMSNA's Top Performance Plan, its unique plan providing long term assured "top performance" for CMS' machines—PM's, training, metrology, calibration and certification services, even maintenance plans
  • a technical support staff with an average of 12+ years of experience
  • customer technical support system –solid technical and phone support 24/7/365, with every call logged in our call support database, and email notification of any call with its status to the customer’s management and support staff
  • a well stocked parts department
  • ISO 9001:2001 certified
  • remote on-line support
  • laser assembly, complete 5-axis laser calibration capabilities and certification
  • in-depth support documentation