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Boats & Yachts

Marine hull & deck molds
Marine hull & deck molds

Hull & Deck trimming
Hull & Deck trimming

CMS provides very large format, 60+ meters in length, 5-axis CNC machining center technology for boat manufacturers, both for model or mold making and capable of exploiting modern EPS foam substrate methodology, as well as incorporating CNC paste controlled application and high precision, high speed, high performance acceleration/deceleration machining, for high quality surfaces.
CMS also provides the specialized CNC technology for fixturing, probing, real time program adjustment and trimming of the hulls and decks made from these molds.

Advanced Materials sectors:

Large Dimension models & molds for boat and yachts:

Producing exceptional boat hull and deck surfaces requires a high quality mold surface… Good molds can be used to build hundreds of boats, or just one, in the case of luxury yachts. Molds and models of massive proportions can be made in one piece, or large sections, in CMS' large format, 5-axis CNC machining centers. CMS provides its special knowhow for EPS substrate foam machining as well as CNC controlled paste application technology, followed by its specially tuned CNC controlled high speed acceleration/deceleration milling capabilities for long cycle, high performance, milling work.

CNC Marine boat hull & deck trimming:

CMS’ world class 5-axis CNC machining center technology handles today's large boat hull and deck structures, combined with specialized supporting fixtures, laser scanning and data acquisition technology, and coupled with real time data manipulation to precisely and accurately machine each unique hull and deck structure based on its unique characteristics for a perfect, predictable, outcome in the assembly phase.

Wood sectors:

Marine: Interior Wood Furniture

CMS has for many years provided outstanding CNC machining solutions for the needs of boatbuilding's foremost manufacturers and craftsmen, covering all their interior woodworking needs ranging from efficient production of cabinetry employing flat panel nesting technology to solid wood.

Marine: Nesting

Boatbuilders who produce hulls benefit from CMS' powerful and efficient nested based plywood machining solutions for boat carcass ribs and stringer components, which result in improved yield, easy machinability of hard to hold parts, elimination of previously required production templates, their storage, greatly increased labor savings, and the reduction of in-process inventory.