Stone Machining

Stone Machining
Brembana: “A Reputation Carved in Stone”

CMS/Brembana began designing and manufacturing stone CNC machines in 1985. We were the first manufacturer in the world to develop CNC stone cutting machines; we’re also the first company to deliver a stone CNC machine in the United States. Our success story in CNC machining for stone underscores our commitment to providing quality stone machining systems for any industry and any application.

Versatile CNC Machining Solutions

Our CNC stone machining centers provide versatile solutions for a wide range of applications, from quarry blocks to countertops. CMS/Brembana’s stone machining systems all feature mono bloc construction and fabricated steel weldments for superior durability and longevity. Waterjet cutting functions are available on select models.

We understand that choosing a CMS machining center is a long-term commitment, and we are devoted to complete customer attention and care. We have technicians across the US offering 24/7 service. We offer automatic tool wear compensation for all of our CNC stone systems. Our spindles are cooled using closed loop glycol systems that extend working life. Additionally, our stone CNC machines feature metalized paint to prevent corrosion.

Along with unparalleled support and system endurance, safety is a key part of CMS North America’s philosophy. All our stone CNC machine are CE safety standard certified, and we are an ISO 9001 certified company. Our systems include numerous features designed for optimal operator safety, including noise reduction systems and overspray catchers.

Customer Applications

Building & Construction: Kitchen Countertop

Breathtaking and functional natural and engineered stone countertops, islands, bar tops, and luxurious vanity tops can be custom manufactured with specialty edge profiles and details with a CMS/Brembana CNC machining center.

Building & Construction: Showers & Enclosures

Elegant, solid stone shower bases and stone shower enclosures can be carved in any shape or style with a CMS/Brembana CNC machine. User-friendly CAD/CAM software facilitates the design and machining of these parts with ease and accuracy..

Building & Construction: Flooring & Inlays

Intricately-shaped stone floor tiles and magnificent stone medallions can be CNC machined to fit perfectly. CMS/Brembana’s Milestone waterjet system and Sprint CNC bridge saw are ideal for flooring and inlay applications. A combo machine, such as the Sprint Jet, provides even greater versatility.

Outdoor Furniture: Stone Stairs & Handrails

Limestone or marble stair treads and hand rails provide elegance and durability for outdoor living. These products and many others are easily fabricated with a CMS/Brembana CNC machining system.

Outdoor Furniture: Patio Tables & Stone Benches

Using scrap and offal, patio tables, side tables, benches, and more can be produced with a CMS/Brembana CNC stone machining center, improving profits and reducing dumping fees.

Outdoor Furniture: Fountains & Bird Baths

Fountains, birdbaths, and other stone garden features can add to the beauty and value of any backyard. All are easily manufactured using CMS/Brembana’s CNC machining centers and software.

Architecture: Dimensional Stone

Shaped cladding, limestone blocks, door and window sills and lintels, and other detail pieces are easily machined with a CMS/Brembana CNC system.

Architecture: Carved Capitals & Columns

Need to design and machine your own stone capitals and columns? Adding a lathe to almost any standard CNC machining center in the Brembana line makes it easy—if you can draw it, you can machine it.

Architectural: Laser Copying & Restoration

With the addition of a laser scanner to a CMS/Brembana stone machining center, you can be in the restoration business. Take an old marble carving, for example, place it on the machine, and scan it. Once scanned, it can be enlarged, reduced, or edited in any way you like, and then produced as an exact duplicate with precision CNC stone machining.

Monuments & Statuary: Head Stones & Engravings

The funerary arts can benefit greatly from the use of a CMS/Brembana stone machining center for customizing headstones and urns. Lettering, decorative carving, and the overall shape of the monument can be milled with perfect precision.

Monuments & Statuary: Memorials

Memorials and signage of heavy stone speak volumes about solidity and stability. For both small pieces and large blocks, CMS/Brembana has a stone CNC machining center to fit your needs.

Monuments & Statuary: Statues & 3D Carvings

Stone 3D carving, bas relief carving, and statuary use in general are on the rise in residential, commercial, and municipal design and construction. CMS/Brembana offers the CNC stone machining centers and software you need for these processes.

Processing Stone

Most types of stone can be easily processed with the right equipment. Stone can be machined via cutting, milling, routing, drilling, and other processes. The methods and tools needed to process stone can vary greatly depending on the type of stone and the product being produced. Diamond-tipped implements may be required when working with certain harder stone materials.

Drilling and other stone machining processes can produce considerable heat. To combat this, a mist or full-flood system should be used. These systems can also help control the dust and particulate that is generated when machining stone.

Physical/Chemical Properties of Stone

Stone is a naturally occurring aggregate of one or more minerals or mineraloids. Stones fall into three main categories—igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary—based on their mineral and chemical composition, permeability, particle texture, and particle size. Granite is a popular example of igneous stone; marble is a well-known type of metamorphic stone; limestone is a commonly-used sedimentary stone.

Stone materials have a wide range of diverse properties, based on their composition and the factors that lead to their formation. In general, stone is a very strong, dense, and durable material. It offers very low thermal and electrical conductivity, and most varieties exhibits strong resistance to chemicals and corrosion.

When used for aesthetic or decorative purposes, many types of stone can be polished to a fine finish.

Why CMS/Brembana

CMS/Brembana has long been an industry leader in innovative, high performance CNC machining technology. We offer a full line of CNC machining centers for stone processing.

CMS/Brembana’s technological advantages include:

  • High speed 5-axis machining heads
  • A broad range of work envelope sizes
  • CNC control software and CAD/CAM software packages specially engineered to provide total control of all machining processes
  • Rapid acceleration and deceleration speeds
  • Single or dual work zones and movable work tables offer nonstop production capabilities
  • Custom systems available to provide the perfect solution for stone processing application

Our Products

CMSNA designs and manufactures a full line of 5-axis CNC machining systems for stone processing. We also offer custom CNC solutions built to match our customers’ specifications. Our standard systems include: