'Large Dimensions Models

Large Dimensions Models

The requirement for very large scale models and molds has given impetus to the development of CNC machining centers of a truly large scale as represented by the need for full sized boats, yachts, windmill blades, nacelles, spinners, full sized vehicle bodies, and so forth. CMS' basic CNC families for such large scale models are POSEIDON, POSEIDON MAXI and CRONUS. CMS' unique engineering capabilities provide full 5 axis machining centers with envelops reaching up to 60+ meters (200'+) in length, 10 meters (~33') in width and 5+ meters (~16.5') in height including consideration for vertical height encumbrances with CMS' special telescopic Z axis. Even large models and molds requiring unusually high orders of precision can be obtained with CMS' linear scale technology on all these families and, in particular, on its critically designed, high order of precision, specialized series, CRONUS, including Torque5 technology.

At the upper end of dimensional requirements, CMS' 5 axis machining centers, used for mold and model making applications, benefit from the following:

  • speed, modularity, dynamism, precision
  • adaptive control of processing speeds
  • 5 axis dust collection
  • closed circuit video camera
  • automatic re-qualification of the 5-axis working head and cutting tools (available across the range of CMS' machine families)
  • automatic surface surveying and probing
  • possibility of a telescopic Z axis (on the Poseidon family)