'Composite Sanitary Fixtures

Composite Sanitary Fixtures

The housing and construction industries have continued to expand their use of advanced high quality materials, resulting in new offerings and products for acrylic FRP or ABS based bath tubs, hot tubs, shower trays and panel products or in solid surface applications including displays, hospitals, airports, tables, reception areas, sanitary and bath fixtures.

Present technology for one piece hot tubs or spas is based on an acrylic surface, a sheet of which is brought to final shape after being heated till flexible and then pulled tight to a mold surface via vacuum, or a polyethylene powder which is converted into a final surface through a rotational molding process with heat. The substructure is usually an FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic) or ABS type plastic.

CMS' large 3D work envelops make possible the, sometimes intricate, 5 axis machining required for spa holes, openings and edges, even if that requires determining where in space the work to be done is. CMS' flexible 5 axis machining capabilities, with its large number of available cutting tools for work, special fixturing systems for holding awkward large objects, probing system to locate, determine the actual position in space and adjust the machining program accordingly, and special systems for controlling and extracting dust, make CMS' CNC machining centers the preferred choice for top manufacturers.

For solid surface manufacturing, CMS' CNC machining centers provide the extra attention required for complete solutions, as for example in a 2 piece sink unit, which not only requires the flexible fixturing and holding of the part, and machining of its edges, but also the polishing and smoothing of the undermount joint between the sink and vanity surface as well.

To support these construction methodologies CMS provides unique solutions, in addition to its standard series of CNC machining centers, which permit the machining of solid surfaces for countertops, countertops with fabricated sinks and sanitary fixtures, or the entire shape and dimensional range of 3D products required for bath or spa applications.

Whether large 3D shapes or decorative joined solid surfaces, CMS' CNC machining center technology resolves the manufacturing problem.