CMS North America (CMSNA)

North American presence of CMS Industries, OEM, ISO 9001:2001 Certified, and leading worldwide supplier of solution-oriented, high performance CNC machining center technology including 5 axis CNC machines and high performance waterjet cutting systems. 

For more than 25 years CMSNA has provided customers in the Advanced Materials, Wood, Stone & Glass industries specific solutions that focus on efficient production, high machining accuracy and maximum cost to benefit ratio.CMSNA now offers multi axis waterjet cutting solutions to the customer seeking high performance in industrial metal cutting applications.

With the highest fundamental technology, robust engineering design, a vast array of specialized know-how derived from thousands of projects, is the answer when looking for standard CNC machining centers, 5 axis CNC machining centers, waterjet cutting or when our technology needs to be expanded by implementing our collaborative problem solving approach to personalize a solution for a unique problem.

Information on the major industries is the place to find basic information, process explanation and application on CNC machining in specific major industries and their many subsectors:

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Prototypes, Models & Molds
  • Housing & Construction
  • Marine

You’ll find an explanation of CMS’ work in, and solutions for, each of these industries and sectors along with:

  • video
  • pictures
  • layouts
  • comparison specifications
  • case studies

You’ll also find detailed information on CMS’ families of CNC machining centers, with an overview on:

  • the machine
  • its structures
  • working units
  • tables
  • accessories
  • options
  • specific applications covering the breadth of modern manufacturing, as well as CMS’ dedicated divisions providing the fundamental CNC machining center technology for: 5 axis CNC machining centers, CNC mills, glass cutting machines, stone cutting machines, CNC routers, and much more.

Connect and Request

A merger of technologies for a high performance world

Connect with CMS on the CMS blog, online parts and service request system, learn from CMS training videos, and access CMS’ knowledge database for users.

Make a request to CMS for specific information on a particular application, 5 axis CNC machine, or request to have a meeting with one of CMS’ Sales Engineers.

CMS – basics for success

The CMS basics: Behind CMS’ solid solutions lie its proven application methodology, engineering and support:

  • the things that “drive manufacturing nuts” are typically where the real money is going: listen to the customer and gather these elements into a solution and it’s going to be a winner for everyone
  • assuring that project expectations are met
  • remember that it’s what’s going out the back door that matters: CNC machines need to solve problems, and the customer’s production staff needs the training and support on that machine in order for its product to move out the back door
  • well engineered machines that last, with good Preventive Maintenance, basic and advanced user training programs
  • a technical support staff with an average of 12+ years of experience
  • customer technical support system –solid technical and phone support 24/7/365, with every call logged in our call support database, and email notification of any call with its status to the customer’s management and support staff
  • a well stocked parts department
  • ISO 9001:2000 certified
  • remote on-line support
  • laser assembly, complete 5-axis laser calibration capabilities and certification
  • in-depth support documentation

What next?

Take a look at any of CMS’ specific CNC machining center applications for industries, sectors or products, and feel free to contact us with any questions, to learn more about our 5 axis CNC machines, or to arrange for a meeting to look at your specific application.